On the count of ten — 8 Comments

  1. Grandad,

    Did this have a double benefit?

    1. You scored a point against Mata.

    2. You bought herself a packet of cigarettes, as requested, but didn’t have to pay for twenty.


  2. I’m just worried now that she is going to become addicted.

    Obviously, 10s get you hooked but 20s don’t.

  3. The other day, my missus asked me for a double entendre.

    So I gave her one.

  4. Gawd. I hate that fat bitch. If she had any more fat on her the forklift couldnt lift her out of bed in the morning

    did she even get re elected? i havn’t been following this stuff. her whole party has only 2 seats now and she takes up at least 3 of them

  5. Dankoozy – she got in by a whisker, unfortunately. So the PDs now have two TDs and ten seats.

    If a health minister were an alcoholic there’d be complaints. If a health minister were a chain smoker there’d be complaints. How come there are no complaints at one who is morbidly obese?

  6. I couldn’t give a damn about the 10 pack. What gets me is the complete insanity of the logic behind it.

    A law that is suppose to dissuade young people from smoking is actually encouraging them to buy twice as much. Does that make sense?

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