Weird and wonderful pipes — 12 Comments

  1. That is rather excellent. I hope you enjoy your new pipe.

    It is at time like these that the internet really comes in to its own.

  2. Thank you Robert.

    I’m having a nice puff as I type [and if anyone reads anything smutty into that, I’ll set Tiddles on ya].

    I doubt I would have found them in the Golden Pages all right. And they don’t advertise here. So the Internet is, indeed a wonderful place.

  3. Elie is an artist! I love the shapes and quirkiness. The only problem is that I’d feel like I had just stepped out of “The Lord of the Rings”!!

    He’s extremely efficient and friendly too. I had been bombarding him with questions and he is always tolerant and quick to reply. He’s going to get more of my trade anyway.

    And I always believe that if I find something special on the Web that I should give them a plug. Pun intended.

  4. Isn’t it always nice to get good customer service these days. It is becoming so unusual in these take it or leave it times.

    I almost wish I was a pipe smoker!

  5. Dear sir
    talking of the Ronson pipe,I have saved in my collection two examples of this pipe both brand new unsmoked and one spare bowl,any takers?? 

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