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  1. Is there a deep message to this?

    If you listen, one day you might be heard.

  2. That’s kind of strange all right… if she took your name however, it’s understandable. I had to do that in the glazing company I worked for. Call a company, get the name of their planner, and hang up. Mind-numblingly boring work.

    Jeff got a call at 1.30am from some skobie asking to buy his phone number from him. Must be the day for strange calls.

  3. @Dario – I did listen, and all I heard was a dial tone. Could she have been infecting me with a new phone-based virus?

    @K8 – That’s what was strange. She didn’t take my name. She already knew it.

  4. Could be that they are just screening a list of numbers to find out which are business numbers. Or if they are business numbers then what size they might be to catagorise them into various lists to sell on to other marketing droids.

    You might get quite a few more of them soon!

  5. Could be. What annoyed me most about the call was that it was a cold call, and I never got a chance to wind her up and abuse her. She hung up before I could even start.

    But if you’re right and I’m in for a lot more, then that’s great. I love abusing cold callers.

  6. Wow, Robert! Congratulations on a shrewd guess. Just had a cold call. I asked her for identification and she said she was Jo and she was calling from Kent. I pointed out that anyone could say that.

    She hung up.

  7. I get calls like this damn near every day,but i do not answer,I just go to a site that is called Who called us.It has feed back on whom was calling,most are telemarketers,who are picking numbers to sell to other telemarketers.I am even on the governments do not call list but it does not work .Here is the number that calls the most 000-000-0000 it is nuts is it not.

  8. I’m supposed to be on the Don Not Call list here too. Like yourself – it doesn’t work!

  9. That could be it!!

    Or maybe she thought to herself “aw f*ckit – another foreigner”?

  10. She’s probably just ‘building a database’ of company numbers so that you can get more early morning nuisance calls. We’ve got a government sponsored “Do Not Call” register that you apply to. Problem is, they publish the do not call numbers providing the perfect mailing list for nuisance callers! How silly is that?

  11. Ironically enough it is not that silly at all because it saves enormous time and effort on behalf of those who would normally be collecting numbers.

    Now if you could pinpoint the particular company that is targeting you then you have grounds for a case against them if you are on the no call list. But sadly the truth is that it costs an arm and a leg to do so. Punitive damages at most and a moral victory but legal fees will far outweigh all of that.

    But speaking of legal fees: You should see the adverts that the law society of Ireland are running in the national newspapers here at the moment.

    Each day outlining in friendly (sic) terms why it is essential to have a solicitor/lawyer. As if we could not live without them. Yesterdays was a nice cartoon of an unmarried couple with one child whose father ended up in an unexpected pile up on the way home from a surfing trip.

    The message they were trying to convey was that it is important to make a will. Which of course it is but that you need to pay a solicitor to ensure it. you can’t even buy a house here without one.

  12. I’m not that bothered with cold callers because I just have fun with them. I feed then with rediculous nonsense [if they are doing a survey, I warn them in advance that I am going to lie through my teeth].

    I demand proof of identity too which always confuses them.

    People normally hang up on them, but I have a 100% record – they always hang up on me.

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