The future of the Internet — 13 Comments

  1. And here was me thinking the interweb was just a load of girdls down the post office messing with cables and buttons. Well I never.

  2. @Flirty – I am completely baffled by the content of your blog. I never understood the female mind, but I’m learning….!

    @K8 – No. I think its files and things. I already have some of them on my laptop, so it’s just a case of adding some more.

  3. If I could buy a PC that was pre-loaded with the entire contents of the Internet that was, is or will be, then I might consider it. Anything less may well be asking for trouble and desktop support technicians and network administrators and web designers and code writers and business analysts. Then of course we would need middle managers with executive assistants and up and coming young MBA’s with drive and it would all go downhill from there.

  4. @Brianf – Of course it’ll be the entire Internet [I’m downloading it right now]. There would be no point otherwise.

    @Grannymar – Luddite!

  5. Grandad I advise on trying out something like this due to the dangers of you becoming greedy. Google did it and look how they turned out.

  6. What’s greedy about it? I’m leaving a copy for everyone else if they want to load it down.

  7. Grandad,

    You do, of course, already have a far more sophisticated system capable of not only storing and retrieving data, but also of processes independent of any programming. The current storage levels within the system are probably no more than 10% of potential capacity and you can add to it through almost any medium imaginable 😉

  8. I know about that system. Unfortunately, while it is still quite good at the processing powers, it is getting old. The ROM is quite good, but the RAM is beginning to fail and one or two of the input devices need replacement.

  9. I wish such a concept does not become a reality as I would have to waste a lot of time sifting through and deleting 80% of the trash that is on the internet. A lot of it includes porn, online pharmacies and a lot of advertisement spams..

  10. But Aby, you will be able to delete that 80% off your hard disk and never have to wade through it again.

    Think of the saving in diskspace and the saving of time.

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