The mean shall inherit the earth — 9 Comments

  1. @ nights in a swanky hotel 450.00 birthday gifts recieved 1,000.00 freinds with a better sense of humour than you priceless

  2. Used to know a Dutch guy who always brought his own bottle of really good wine and would hide it somewhere in kitchen and only drink from his bottle and then start on the other bottles. The dutch have a reputation for a reason!

  3. As my old teacher used to say:

    “Smarty threw a party… and nobody came!”
    What a naff saying.

  4. @Flirty – This fella would bring the good wine, drink everyone else’s and then bring his own home after.

    @Caro – Would I tell a lie?

  5. “The Meek shall inherit the Earth, But not its mineral rights.”

    J.Paul Getty

    Another Nice Guy!!!!

  6. He’d take a lighted cigarette out of his pocket. 🙂

    Actually, one of his tricks was to carry two packs of cigarettes. He’d keep just one cigarette in one of the packs so when he was asked for a cigarette, he’d say sorry, it was his last one. I actually saw him restocking his ’empty’ packet.

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