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  1. So you are busier now than ever before? It will keep you on your toes πŸ˜‰

    I was self employed for 4 years up until 2004 and it was either a feast or a famine as far as work was concerned. Chasing payments, catching up on paperwork, it was a nightmare. Finally one of the contract positions offered me a permanent position and it was like being in heaven. All I had to worry about was doing a good job and making it in on time in the mornings.

    Of course I was made redundant a few weeks ago and I’m still unemployed now but I don’t think I could ever go back to running my own business.

  2. @Flirty – Thank you so much for your kind words! [and how do you know what my talents are anyway – it’s all bluff!!]

    @Robert – No way would I ever go back to employment! No more traffic jams [I work from home]. No more crawling cap in hand because I want a day off. No more gobshites giving orders when they know less about the job than I do.

    It’s hard work, but it’s fun. Usually.

  3. Good one! We live in busy times.

    You made me smile when you mentioned lifting prices to keep clients away. I heard similar stories about builders firms who were too busy and didn’t want certain Government contracts. When they tendered they gretly increased the price they would normally charge to put themselves out of contention. They were shocked to regularly actually get the work!

  4. Apparently crunching numbers and keeping mentally active prevents alzheimers. And, a consultant is someone who tells you what you already know but charges through the nose. . . maybe next time you can fly to France or rattle about in that castle on the west coast. Go you good thing!

  5. A consultancy? Are you the Consultancy of Leinster? I didn’t know you were so fond of royals, what with haveing a Consultancy and all now. So do we have to refer to you now as Consult Grandad? Maybe we now have to call you, His Imperial Majesty, The High Grand Consult of Kildare. Do you have to wear red velvet robes or some such when you’re out in public? Maybe you have to carry a large whopping gold encrusted Shillelagh emblazoned with your rank and title. Come on now tell us more about your new title. Does it involve owning land and serfs? Do you have any peasants or are you developing a middle class in your consultancy?

  6. crikey doesn’t anyone know that a consultant is someone you pay a premium to tell you the things you already know?

  7. Brian,

    Actually, if you must know, my real name is Sir Reginald Tinklebury-Snapdriver M.I.R.C. Fifth Earl of the Leinster and Grand Master of the Lord High Consultancy. But you can still call me Grandad.

    I rarely wear the ceremonial robes as they cause a rash. We occasionally have peasants. I like them stuffed and roast. Though I prefer duck.


    Baino got there before you.

    Maybe I’m successful because I charge through the nose and tell ’em something they don’t already know?

  8. Ahh Grandad I you have them trapped in a gravity well of logic, the more you charge obviously the better you are so the more you charege the better you are ….ad infinitum

  9. I have toyed with the idea of changing my name to……
    His Lordship Baron von Brian Smythe – Pennington – Adjustablewrench the 53rd Duke of Dauphin M.I.G.S.A.M.L.P. and Lord High Grand Master of Taking Naps in the Middle of the Afternoon.

  10. Why don’t you?

    And I’ve just this minute landed another f*cking contract!!


  11. See, that’s what you get for doing such good work. Now get back to work, ya’ know fingers to the bone and nose to the grindstone and all.

  12. Grandad, it sounds like you have yourself a grand ol’ conundrum, but a good one. When you need some more gremlins to do your bidding, just let me know.

    I consult people constantly, yet few of them listen. πŸ™‚

    Heck, you may have to ask TAD for assistance before long, if it gets too chaotic. Hmm…Perhaps not? πŸ™‚

  13. @Grannymar – She deserted me. She is doing well though. She runs a successful hairdressing business in Coronation Street.

    @Jefferson – Great idea! When I want to wind the business up, I’ll employ TAD. πŸ˜‰

  14. Good fun… Ta… I’ve been off looking for work. Now I know where it’s gone.

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