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  1. The thought did cross my mind that he might be from Google Earth, filling in some of the finer details.
    It will take them a while to do the whole world that way.

    BTW, how did you get past my spam filter?

  2. D’you know, John – I thought I recognised you. Why didn’t you call in for a cuppa?

    Popeye – Between shooting birds in the rear and tits flying around all over the place, this is quite an exciting place to live!

  3. Reroute the M3 that far!!?!?!

    For Christ’s sake man, I may hate Kells but then we’d be all day getting to Dublin if they took that route!

  4. They did it with the Port Tunnel. If you want to go south to Rosslare, you have to head north to the airport. Shows how logical their planning is!!

  5. Why didn’t you walk out into your yard and ask the guy why he was there.
    You could have done it with the Purdy double and with your best John Wayne impersonation said, “You got business here, Mister?”

  6. @Brian – Because it would have made Herself look foolish.

    And the Purdy is only for politicians and tourists. He obviously wasn’t a tourist. Not with a car like that anyway.

    @Caro – Locked in the back room. She had already removed one of his feet. He was quite OK about it, but said he’d like to keep the other foot, just in case.

  7. Keep us posted, you’ve got my curiosity going. Could be ordinance surveyor for sure. They’re usual quite nice people, any other civil engineer couldn’t be as distinguished as you describe.

  8. Jeez that’s damn weird – I’d almost be inclined to move if I were you.

    I’ve been inspired though and plan to do just this next week around town – just to freak people out!

  9. No way am I going to move. I’m well armed. I’m leaving here in the box.

    I must have a very photogenic garden, though he missed most of the flower beds. He must have been an amateur?

  10. Hmmm…I’ve seen this type of thing before…short term memory..and then…seeing strange men in the garden.

    Does your TV talk to you too?

    Do you talk back? Or just yell like everyone else at election times?

  11. Now I mean this threat – the fifth person I hear saying the word election after this moment will be hunted down with a big bastard of a crossbow and shot.

    And I’m in the UCD Archery Club – just try me.

  12. election election election election errection.

    My TV talks to me all the time, and that nice weatherman used to wink at me. But Sharon Ní Bheoláin won’t answer my letters

  13. Display it in the front porch with a little Fianna Fáil flag sticking out of it, bearing the words ‘Take your next steps somewhere else!’…? 🙂

  14. That or the (wonderfully!) defaced Mary Harney poster I saw recently. After ‘Don’t throw it all away’, someone had added ‘…I’ll eat it later’.

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