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  1. Can’t believe it has only been 6 months. Well it’s this of watch television and this seems like a more entertaining and productive use of time 🙂

  2. We are the nut’s that hold the world together,unlike our dear leader’s who have no inclination how. We are the god’s of our blog we do no wrong except misspelled words and mangled sentence structure .I peruse you blog early in the morning here in Texas,for i do not sleep well,and why is my flag gone when i post.also could you make it a flag of Texas as it is a nation in itself,no crazy people here. Mad cackling!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. You’re still arriving as spam, Flirty. You arrived in between Erectile Dysfunction and Amphetamines.

    Yes. Well, actually six and a half. Seems like a bloody lifetime. I suppose if I’m providing an alternative to television, then I’m doing some good. But what would you be doing watching television at 10:10 on a Sunday morning????

    Thank you, Popyeyemoon, for your reassurance. I think.

    Sorry about your flag [or lack of]. My website obviously thinks you don’t exist. Do you exist? Are you sure?

  4. According to your archives, it’s eight months.
    You should try nine months, with four of those spent banging your head off a virtual brick wall because nobody read the damn blog. Beats Bebo, I suppose.

    You’re right about looking back on your own work, though. I happen to enjoy your frequent rants, but when I look back on my own rants, they look like a pile of shite to me. I guess it’s just because we wrote them. That’s why I tend to continuously edit mine.

    Still though, be thankful we’re not political bloggers, who actually enjoy writing about Irish politics, of all things.

    I’d imagine they’re mad criac at parties altogether.

  5. Nah! I stand by six and a half. Started around the end of October [though I pre-dated a couple of posts, just to see if I could]. It went live on the 22nd of October.
    I had 510 hits [most of ’em me].
    Last Friday I had 11,000. Strange!

    OK. six months and three weeks?

    There are worse things that political bloggers. Accountancy bloggers? People-who-collect-beer-mats bloggers? Trainspotter bloggers?

    Incidentally, I always read your blog, but never seem to have anything appropriate to comment. Maybe it’s because I’m not a student?

  6. All comments welcome – even if you just put down random letters and numbers.

    11000??? Fucking hell, the highest I’ve got in a day was 500 …

  7. @Grannymar – Am I a surrogate brain of yours? This is weirder than I thought.

    @Dario – If it makes you feel any better, I only had 4,400 yesterday [a Saturday – no-one at work!].

    Are you asking if I’m a serious Trainspotter blogger lover or hater? Not that I’ve come across one. But I’m sure they exist….!

  8. you make us laugh across a broad band of ages and topics I will admit you are one of my favourite blogs

    I dont always find the topics amusing or interesting but enough of them are to make it worth coming back

    Good on ya grandad

  9. 11K in one day!?!
    My ratty little blog has had 6700 in total since I started in January.
    I’m impressed.
    Most everyone thinks their writing sucks. I do and at least I am bourne out by my lack of readership.

  10. Ah Brian, we are all dwarfed by Blogorrah – 180,000 in a day.

    I wanted to cry after hearing that. Thanks, Sunday Tribune, get any further up Blogorrah’s arse and you’ll be able to brush their teeth from the inside.

  11. Dario,

    Between you, me and the wall, maybe there is some connection between them 😉

  12. @Sean – Thanks 🙂 BTW, you and IrishFlirtySomething should get together – the two of you keep ending up together in my spam-box!! Have you posted a comment before that has disappeared? If so, then sorry.

    @Brianf – I read your blog! Much better than Bloggorah 🙂

    @Popeye – I love steam engines myself. But I’m no trainspotter. That link you posted is disqualified – only one post about trains?

    There’s a niche in the market here. I think I’m going to start a dedicated Trainspotter’s Blog!!

  13. Ian,
    My faith in blogging will be shattered if that is true. It’s bad enough that people read that drivel, but to have what was once an intelligent newspaper – standards in roughly the last 18 months have slipped in an overall decline in standards of journalism; the six-page spread on Miss D in Saturday’s Indo being a prime example – lowering itself to be used as Blogorrah’s lackey is just sickening.

    My war on ignorance continues …

  14. Dario,

    Bloggorah is a straightforward commercial website owned by Gatsby Publishing:

    Do your own Googles and you will get to a former Tribune employee.

    Bloggorah’s 180,000 with their budget is actually pretty pathetic compared to Grandad’s 11,00 with a budget of zero

  15. They’re paid to do it and they’re still shit.

    Thanks for the link, and the fact that they have a link wwith the Tribune would explain their continuous hard-on for certain blogs …

  16. I like the comments as much as the stories but can’t help think that perhaps you’re fishing for compliments Grandad? If so, congratulations, it’s a fun blog (apart from the politics about which I know nothing) Keep it up . . . metaphorically speaking.

  17. Maybe I should secretly get the Irish Times to buy me out!! I could beat the pants off Bloggorah then!!

    Actually, they are watching me – Shane Hegarty has me on his Blogroll. Maybe they are saving up to make me an offer?

  18. Don’t hold your breath – you need to use 900% bigger words in order to qualify for the Times.

    Try the Indo – based on that shite that Dearbhail O’Donnell has been pumping out lately – she has added herself to my jouranlistic hit-list – God knows, you’d be on a par with Kevin Myers then. I mean, look at who else they have: *** * *******!!

    *Name blanked because I’m penniless and don’t want to be sued, as has been threatened.

  19. Baino,
    Actually, I can put my hand on my heart [if I had one] and say honestly – no. I wasn’t looking for compliments. I was just wondering why people bothered. That and the fact that I had a bit of writers block!!

    The Indo does’t know I exist.
    Am I better than *** * *******? Or would I be nearer ***** ******* in style?

  20. Yeah, you’re far better than the first guy, who enjoys admiring the view from his own rectum.

    You’re like a less political Robert Fisk most of the time.

  21. Don’t get me started on newspapers, Grandad.

    Have you noticed the columns entitled Blog Spot in the Irish Independent, Guardian, Sunday Times etc.? Virtually all blogs they quote are either message boards, aggregators, commercial websites or their own journalist’s blogs! Never have I seen a genuine blog mentioned.

    Is it that they don’t know exactly what a blog is? I think not. Is it that they fear bloggers and are trying to distract attention? I leave it up to you.

  22. But am I, Deborah? Sometimes I wonder. Am I just a figment of Cyberspace?

    But, when Herself belts me with the frying pan, it hurts. So I must be real. Thanks for the reassurance.

  23. You HAVE to be real. I saw you on telly and everyone knows anything that’s on telly is real! 😉

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