Holidays — 14 Comments

  1. Am off to holiday home in Cork which sleeps 20, luckily I am not the only one but still……..

  2. Where are you going? Spike Island?

    Or are you just going on holiday with Twenty?

  3. Well Grandad you should maybe start a cult. Besides the obvious benefit of increased income it would give you somebody to fill up the holiday homes with.

    And being you look like harold shipman they likely wont be asking to eat too often or drink the cool aid

  4. You’re going on holidays?!

    Anyone not going with Grandad to cork… come to an open house party!!!!!

  5. Good for the figure, Grannymar. We eat too much these days anyway.

    And before you accuse me of casting nasturtiums, I have no idea whether you need to lose weight or not.

    Yes. It can be a cult AND a health spa at the same time. Good idea.

    P.S. I see my ads at the bottom are nearly all encouraging me to go abroad. Are they trying to tell me something?

  6. “encouraging me to go abroad.”
    I thought you were married! Wouldn’t herself be a bit upset at that?

  7. I wouldn’t know what to do with a jacuzzi anyway. What’s wrong with just having a bath and breaking wind?

    Nice link – I missed that one. Thanks. And it has properties for two!!!!!

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