Country Markets — 15 Comments

  1. Green Acres is the place for me!!! Ha I am going to have cakes, since my lungs are crapped out.Green Acres was a old tv show here in the states.loony as heck.

  2. I remember it well [now you have the damn theme tune going through my head!!]

    I bet they didn’t grow the stuff I’m talking about though. 😉

  3. Green Acres mmm… that was where they climbed the pole to make a phone call.

    Me thinks that was where Grandad got the idea for free Broadband!!!!!

  4. K8 – you are always welcome. You can admire my cactii.

    Grannymar – Are you suggesting I’m up the pole? I wouldn’t dream of stealing broadband! Electricity, yes. Broadband no.

  5. Taking time out from post-apocalyptic plant water capiliary action to thank you for the new blogroll.

    *sniff*, that’s made my day.
    I need a hobby …

  6. See, I was strangely compelled as if I’d been hypnotised to click on that blasted link . . .
    mmmm mm-mm, mm-mm, mmmm mm-mm . . .

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