Bottling out — 14 Comments

  1. You know the old adage? No matter who you vote for the government always gets in.

    To be honest they way that the economy appears to be going we would be almost better off in the long run to re-elect FF because when things do nose dive whoever is in power will take the brunt of the blame. And if FF are not in power then all they will say is “We told you so”.

  2. Frankly, I despair of politics in this country.

    We vote them in. We bitch about them. We get our chance to do something, and we vote ’em in again.

    I’m thinking of buying an island and declaring independence!!

  3. Is there a stronger word than despair to be used in this case? If so it should be used.

    I had a chance to move abroad last summer and I’m sorely beginning to regret not doing so now.

    On another note my friends neighbour has a big hand painted placard on his front lawn with words to the effect: “Under no circumstances are any candidate from Fianna Fail and the PD’s to call canvassing at this house”.

    I must try to get a photo of it. Only for I live on a main street then I would consider doing the same!

  4. The last election, some FFers came around and I told ’em I was voting ABBA.

    “What?” says they

    “Anyone But Bertie Ahern” says I.

    They weren’t impressed.

  5. As I read this I kept stopping and double checking the names. I thought, for a second, you were writing a post about our state government.

  6. While not voting would be a disrespect to those who died to get the vote, of the shower of pricks that are running right now, none are worth voting for.
    The sad thing is, you could have a fantastic, hard-working local candidate who’s running for Fianna Fail.
    Vote for him, and you’re casting a vote for Bertie. A true double-edged sword.

  7. I totally agree Dario. I always vote, because I think it is a duty to respect the rights granted by my forebears.

    But the reason we get the government we get, is that people vote for some geezer who fixed the pothole in their road, or because their family always voted that way.

    The electorate here just don’t think.

  8. Grandad

    If the electorate voted you in, would you change things or be changed by the system?

    Any young politican I know has gone in full of good intentions, only to slowly slip into the way of those who have gone before.

    Is there anyone who is a good honest politician?

  9. I’m just after reading the Sunday Tribune – which has as much a hard-on for blogging as the Sunday Indo hates it – and it says that 2007 is being called the ‘blogger’s election‘.

    Yeah, this is the blogger’s election in much the same way that a baby could fight Muhammad Ali in his prime. A website called gets 6,000 hits in a day – which proves that truly Irish people need something better to do than whinge about politics.

    Personally, I was thinking about seizing power and declaring a blanket ban on talking about politics. Anyone caught will be sent to live on the Blasket Islands.
    Want a ministerial position? Minister for Executing the Former Cabinet?

  10. @Grannymar – I’m too old a dog to be changed. I would fight to the bitter end. Tony Gregory II.

    But I ain’t going for election… ?

    @Dario – Please? Please? Please? Please? With a pretty cherry on top?

  11. It might be more of a blogger’s election if a certain government ‘rolled out’ broadband to all as promised.

  12. Bloody hell, I go away for a few days and the govt is on the verge of collapse. Should I stay away a bit longer next time?

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