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  1. Inspirational stuff and it left me, like I was when K8 wrote on the topic, speechless.

  2. We write about him because he is inspirational. It’s very hard to describe in words, but he has changed all our lives for the better. It is only when you get to know someone like Sean that you can really understand what we are trying to say.

  3. Very nice tribute to the wee lad. He is one Sean I am proud to share a name with

  4. Grandad

    The day K8 wrote about Sean I was having a BAD day. It was put into perspective by that post very quickly. I now have Sean’s picture on my desktop. When I am trying to solve a problem or sort a worry I go back to my desktop, sit and talk quietly to Sean and before I know it the problem changes from a boulder to a tiny pebble.

    Thank you Sean and to your family, for allowing us into your life.

  5. I had a nasty *cheap wine* head on me this morning as I packed Sean into the car to go to his respite centre. I was grouchy and felt pretty sorry for myself. On the journey, Sean sneezed three times and went into fits of giggles that lasted practically the whole journey. Other motorists must have thought we were crazy to see us in such convulsions of laughter! He’s a dose 🙂

  6. Sounds like Sean has a very special grandad too! Too often grandparents don’t understand disabilities and miss out on being part of the life of a grandchild with a disability. Way to go Sean for having such a cool and loving grandad!

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