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  1. Lovin’ that 50 cal, Grandad. I’d ask what army base you robbed that off only the Irish Army don’t have machine guns.

  2. My good friend Brian shipped it to me from the States. He disguised it as a half-pound of sausages.

  3. In case anyone is worried, I waited for the hikers to take another ten paces before opening fire. I like to give them a sporting chance.

    I’m not a murderer.

  4. But you are such a serene ranter and do so in such a gentleman fashion, which is ultimately more effective. Less is more and all that.

  5. I love that – “a serene ranter”!

    Thank you Flirty.

    Maybe I write serenely, but the image above may just reflect my innermost dark thoughts.

    There are times when I could cheerfully line up my “favourite” people in front of that 50 cal.

    George W?
    The Plank?
    Luke Clancy?
    People who employ foreigners in call centres?

    Anyone else?

  6. Grandad,

    I mentioned it to Ron (I think) at one stage. His response was that if you look carefully enough you’re behind a rock with a sniper rifle.

    Your camouflage must be good though, because I can’t spot you. It’s the hardest “Where’s Wally” I’ve seen in a while.

  7. I move around a bit. Sometimes a sniper rifle. Sometimes I just feel like letting rip. Sometimes I like to lob mortars from the other side of the valley.

    It all depends on my mood.

  8. Grandad,

    I’m just waiting for the report that someone is roaming around the Wicklow mountains with a M1 Abrams taking out tourists with Depleted Uranium Shells. (Lets see if this makes your site show up on NSA/CIA lists 🙂 )

  9. Grandad,

    Just doing my part to ensure tourism in Wicklow gets a boost. Is there many Black bullet proof cars driving around your parts these days? And how well does the bullet proof glass stand up to a 50cal machine gun?

  10. Ya’ know as I look at that pic more closely it appears to be a Browning model 1919-A6 .30 caliber machine gun, air cooled, belt fed, right handed with the tranverse and elevation unit on the tripod and chambered for the .30 caliber model 1906 cartridge. Is that close?

  11. Wooops!

    As a matter of interest – how did you find that? Are you a KGB or GRU sleeper?

  12. I couldn’t understand why I Never ever get any hits from Yahoo. Anyway, I typed my blog into Yahoo and got:


    Once on the Russian site with Rinceoir, I tried forthe fainthearted and didn’t get anything, but got what I linked to for yourself!

  13. Weird!!

    It’s a very old snapshot of the site anyway, so they won’t have seen the gun 😉

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