Sartorial Elegance — 9 Comments

  1. Hey Grand dad

    Tell herself the shabbier you dress the more perfectly put together she looks!

    Okay its never worked for me but I live in hope that if enough men try it it will work for someone

  2. Nice one, but it wouldn’t work.

    I have pointed out on many occasions that people don’t give a sh*t what I look like [or I don’t give a sh*t what they think anyway], or that I’m unlikely to get out of the car even.

    She just replies that she cares and I’m doing it for her.

    I can’t win.

  3. Grandad,

    I am in a quandary. I put on a dark navy shirt with black jeans and brown shoes this morning. (They are a particularly comfortable and battered pair of Hush Puppies) Realising that the shoes probably needed a bit of moral support, I dug an old brown tweed jacket out of the wardrobe. She Who Must Be Obeyed has been in Venice all week and is due back this evening. Would you advise that I change my shoes? Or keep my shoes and change my clothes? I was rather looking forward to going to the book club meeting this evening in the current ensemble.


    Vexed of Killiney

  4. Ian,

    You talk a lot about colour and tweed. What have they got to do with it?

    You say they are comfortable. You say you like the current ensemble. Go for it.

    If She Who Must Be Obeyed complains, you can use one of the following:
    I have gone eccentric in my old age.
    I can take them all off now if you like.
    Do you want to swap clothes?

    I find the first one of those works for me sometimes.
    The second one is only really effective if you are at a party or in a supermarket, at the time.
    The third one can have some very interesting results. Especially if you are at a party or in a supermarket, at the time.

  5. But apparently the government supports adults running around naked, given that adult clothing is not considered a necessity item like childrens clothing… hmmm! A naked protest against an unjust tax methinks?

  6. That sounds like a great idea to me. But you’d want to get it organised while the good weather lasts….

  7. Ok, but you’ll have to contact Chad – send him that press pack or whatever… 🙂

  8. Grandad,

    There once was a character on our telly named George Gobel. Part of his act was defining himself as inadequate and inferior to everyone else.
    This is how he summed up his feelings.


  9. You’ll never catch me in a tuxedo [I refuse to even wear a tie], but I’ll wear brown shoes with anything [so long as the shoes are comfortable].

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