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  1. And so you should be!

    I was in bad form yestereday, struggling under a dark cloud with a little problem. In fact I was worrying like a dog with a bone over it.

    I took a break and found K8’s post. My cloud disappeared. I thanked God for Daughters and stole the picture of Sean.

    He was there on my desktop smiling at me when I opened up my computer this am. So now when I have a problem Sean will help me find a way round it!

  2. It’s strange but Sean has that effect on nearly everyone who meets him. He is the only child I have ever met who has never spoken a word, yet talks so much!

    I’m sure K8 can send you the original of the photo too, so it will be better quality. Will I ask her?

  3. Lovely piece, and great writing. Not many bloggers can just drop a word like ‘discombobulated’ into a sentence, without it sounding contrived or comic.

    I’d post this over there, but she’s getting plenty of praise for the piece as it is… we don’t want her lording it over you, Grandad! 😉

  4. I know pride is one of the seven deadly sins but it’s an overwhelmingly warm feeling. I’m proud as can be with my two. Even more so because I raised them more or less alone, I was widowed when my son was 2 years old. You should be proud, she’s an amazing writer.

    In praise of grandparents too: The biggest influence on my son was his Grandpa (my dad).

    Grandparents have a vital role in the development and nurturing of their grandchildren so don’t underestimate your contribution either!

  5. Thanks Peckerhead! But feel free to comment on hers. She deserves all the comments. She has always been [too] modest about her writing, so the more support she gets, the more she’ll write. I hope.

    I know pride is one of the Seven Deadlies, but I’m happy to blacken my soul. I am very proud of her. She has had more than her share of burdens, but has never ever complained – always cheerful.

    I never knew my grandparents, and K8 never really knew hers. She was much too young to remember. So we are trying to make up for that!! They are supposed to be moving very close to us in the summer so we’ll see a lot more of them and will be able to spoil the grandchildren something rotten…!

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