Who's a happy camper then? — 11 Comments

  1. That explains why I don’t know him. You have every right to be ashamed. You are no longer welcome here. No daughter of mine would watch Big Brother.

  2. Grandad,

    I think the guy on the right is a friend of mine who finally got it straight(No pun intended).
    A few years ago he was never able to attract girls on the beach and ask me if I had any suggestions for him. I told him to buy a speedo and put a potato in it.
    Later he called and said the girls were avoiding him even more than they did before and could I come down to the beach and see what he was doing wrong.
    Well, I went to the beach and there he was with the potato in the Speedo, but I could hardly keep a straight face as I told him.

    “In the FRONT,Idiot, the
    potato goes in the FRONT !!!!”

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