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  1. “mm, 100 people you want to shag” – interesting.

    Interesting ol’ read. Are you ploughing ahead with the podcast?

  2. @Kav – I have Multiple Personality Disorder – 5001 personalities to be precise. That answer your question?

    @Cormac – Are you worthy of a reply after your tag?

    I don’t know what the story is about the podcast. The problem is that I blog in the mornings and they are all still asleep over there, so it’s difficult getting in touch via Skype. But as far as I know, it should be going ahead.

  3. What is this tagging business? And why can’t you reply with a double-tag-no-keepsies?

  4. Haven’t a clue. As far as I know, if you are tagged, you have to write on the subject. Anyone enlighten me?

    And what the f**k is a “double-tag-no-keepsies”?

  5. Yep. Your blog. You do what you want.

    You’ll be hated forever and ever though. Everyone will stop reading you. Children will scream in terror when they see you. You will be barred from pubs you never even visited. You thumbs will fall off and you will have to use a finger on the spacebar. Bloggers will say things like ‘remember yer man’ when talking about you. Tiddles will be caught unawares by Bastardface and be ripped to shreds.

    Up to you though. It’s your blog.

  6. Bloody hell! I never knew this blogging could be so dangerous! Mind you, most of the above have already happened [except the bit about Bastardface and Tiddles. I know for a fact that Bastardface is just a wuss].

  7. You honky son-of-a-bitch!

    I’m waiting outside your house right now with an RPG for when you and Granny come out for your drive.

    I used to hate tag back in primary school and you’ve released a lot of repressed memories.

  8. And besides, Twenty would merely ignore you anyway. I’m flattered you thought of me.

  9. Best of luck with the RPG. The Patriots are all set up since Brianf tried to launch the USAF at me.

    Why would you be flattered? I’m trying to p*ss you off!

  10. Because *sniff* …

    It’s basically recognition!

    *bursts into tears over the keyboard and gets strange looks from other Science students*

  11. Oh, tag you’re it, tag you’re it….Geez!!! What are we kids here? Let’s get away from all this jockularity and down to some grown-up important topics like Gráinne Seoiges’ legs or Britany Spears’ tits.
    Cripes, next we’ll be talking about grown men running around in short pants kicking a ball for score or something like that.

    Kids today, I’ll tell ya’!!!!

  12. I’ll do mine shortly. Be afraid – be very afraid. 🙂

    Thanks for the tag, grandad.

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