A hump or a hole? — 8 Comments

  1. The main reason – in fact the only reason – you left out is that all County Councils are inherently useless bureaucracies. Digging pointless holes is about all they’re good at.

  2. The Government are probably pissed off that their New Initiative to ease dependence on fuel import got scuttled before it got started thanks to you. So now they are digging for Oil on your road.

  3. Grandad

    Its a new tunnel!

    You might have to pay a toal to get out into the lane

  4. @Dario – true, but they usually dig pointless holes at random throughout a county. This is a very well organised effort. Too well organised for a county council.

    @Sneezy – That’s the crowd. I taught there for a couple of years. A weird bunch.

    @Niall – I thought of that. Oil or water. A possibility…

    @Grannymar – Sh*t. Could be. The b*st*rds.

  5. Grandad sneak out and take another look.

    Make sure that nobody sees you and listen to the chat.

    GW might be looking for Weapons of Mass Disruption!

  6. well grandad as a profesional digger of random holes let me assure you that the propper study of the completed hole is essential to the whole

    one must study the depth and quality of the hole admire its qualities and quantities and on the whole decide and how to procede with the the propper refilling of the whole

    then one must stop and admire the bottom of a coffee cup

    only once all procedures have been conmpleted in the whole, then and only the one can move on to the next hole

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