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  1. Thanks for the subtle mention, da.
    Next time you try and get me to do something by torturing me with a pair of secateurs, could you at least put the appendage on ice? I lost my big toe and find it quite difficult to balance now.

  2. Sorry about the toe – the dog ate it.

    And you were always a bit off-balance anyway.

    Have you changed your name back again? You are confusing me.

  3. Now your prayers are answered.

    But you should be careful what you wish for….

    Now all the secrets will out 😉

  4. What I’m afraid of is that she’ll just confirm he’s been telling the truth all along, Grannymar.

  5. My prayers? I only said she was a good writer.

    I’m not worried about what she might say. Firstly because I’ll deny everything. And secondly, because I control the inheritance!!

  6. Grandad you might control the inheritance but if you don’t book that cruise she might end up picking the Nursing Home!

  7. I thought you were booking the cruise? I’m just the Celebrity Guest and Chief Groper.

    And if it comes to Nursing Home time, she can damn well move in here to look after us. That’s what children are for. Isn’t it?

  8. You have every right to be proud, and if my children inheirt my English skills, I would be too. However, you will now become a relic as the young blogger in your family takes centre stage and usurps your position as the limelight holder. Hope you’ve enjoyed it.

    Thanks for sorting out the email situation and I hope you are, like me kicking back on a grassy field and soaking up those rays.

    God bless college/retirement.

  9. I blush, Dario. And I take back what I said about you being weird. You are indeed a fine judge of literature.

    As for K8/Offspring taking centre stage? Not a chance. If she starts to get popular, I’ll get Ron to pull the plug.

    As for enjoying the sun – not a chance – the f*cking council are digging up the road and they’re making a hell of a racket.

  10. ah, i once worked with a woman whose daughter was named Cheyenne. “because she was conceived on the banks of the Cheyenne River,” she told us.

    to which one of my other co-workers–who married at, i believe, 18–said, “if i followed that ruling, my older child would be named Back Seat.”

  11. Do we really want to know where children are conceived? I know my friend Brothel O’Mahoney is against the idea.

    These people are only one small step above parents who name their kids after footballers and pop singers.

  12. You called me weird??

    I am shocked and/or appalled. Pity about the council though. Those bastards never work in bad weather.

  13. What is it with some of the names people come up with today. I don’t get it. Now, Offspring or The Accidental Terrorist I can understand more than I can LaKeesha or Sheniquia, LaShawn, Tomiquia, JaLeesa, ShyAnne, JaMarion, Coiled (pronunced Called) or any of the truely silly names I’ve seen in the past few years.
    Then there is the misspelled names that make me cringe, thinking as to where our language is delvolving. Kellee, Jarrod, Catelyn, Baylee,etc.

  14. The worst of the lot are the ‘pop stars’ and the ghastly names they give their kids.

    On the other side of the coin there was a bloke I knew called William. Or to give him his full name – Mr. W Anker.

    What were his parents thinking?????

  15. Oh, don’t even get me started. I went to school with William Bader and of course we called him Master. A buddy of mine once dated a girl named Gail. Her last name was Force and finally I had the pleasure of meeting Colonel Richard Head U.S.A.F. and yes he was introduced to me as Colonel Dick Head! Talk about self control. I did not bust out laughing in front of him.

  16. And then there was the time Offspring [K8] was working in a pharmacy and the chemist told her to go into the [crowded] shop and shout that the prescription was ready for Mike Hunt.


  17. I apologize for including comments from Granny when I mentioned the two of you on my blog — and not including something himself. Would you care to give me a quote?

    By the way K8 does a remarkable job but she’s not Granny.

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