Minister Dick Roche solves Global Warming — 7 Comments

  1. I made a smart(-ish) remark elsewhere today about the army being used to cull school children in order to reduce class sizes. But I’m beginning to think this government’s tactics are so flawed that they might actually take this on.

    Oh. And by the way. Howya, Grandad.

  2. Howya Sneeze. Or can I be informal and call you Primal?

    For God’s sake don’t go around making suggestions like that. This lot are thick enough to take it as a serious suggestion, and to launch an all out attack on the playgrounds.

  3. Well not to be pedantic but if you are just letting your car sit in your garden you would not need Road Tax at all.
    The Tax on fuel is a good idea as the less fuel you use the better for everyone . But you can imagine the shouts about Business having additional costs etc. The problem is that even if it was better its less acceptable to the General public. And yes it is an Election year so big cars will be hit.

  4. I am assuming I would take my SUV out to the village once a year, and it would then have to be taxed and insured. I’m honest at heart.

    There could be some system like the “red diesel” for haulage firms and transport companies.

  5. Sneezy will do. Normal protocol would be to begin with Mr. Sneeze – then Primal – then Sneezy. (The use of the initials, PS, is discouraged as it causes confusion). However, in your case I am herewith dispensing of the 7 year initiation period and you may use Sneezy immediately. Not that you could care less.

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