2nd April 2207 — 15 Comments

  1. Excellent. Does that mean the Muslims are still going to be kicking about when all the other religions are gone? Or will we all be Muslims? Wooooooo.

  2. I suppose, being Muslims, they won’t listen to anyone else anyway. So yes – they would still be around. But they would be happy, because they had finally vanquished the Devil State..

  3. Ha ha ha! I note with pleasure that the geographic location of Cavan is still there!

    In the future, Dario Sanchez Jr. the Fourth will be Lord Of Cavan and the surrounding remaining drumlins while you all flounder!

    (evil laugh)

  4. Doubtless our descendants will happily trade away. We will have wine. What will you have?

  5. I’m assuming that Cavan’s economy will be much the same as now, so I’m going with electrical transformers. Though by then, electricity will probably be replaced by the orders of Head Honcho Trevor Sargeant, who will have us all using stone equipment.

  6. Sorry, but I’d say the Xyzzys will have given us a much more efficient source of power. Think again…

  7. Wow, you put a lot of work into that article! Well done. It’s clever and probably not far from the truth. It looks like my decendants will be just about enjoying the shoreline on the slopes of Killiney Hill.

  8. Thanks John. You mean I don’t put any work into anything else?

    Which part of Killiney? Rochestown Island, Killiney Island or Dalkey Quarry Island?

  9. Geez….that’s like what my wife would say!

    Me: “You look lovely in that outfit.”

    Wife: “You mean I look bad in other outfits?”

    Oooh you ask such personal questions on which island. I’m sure there will be ferries between them anyway! 🙂

  10. Sorry John. It’s a habit I picked up from Herself.

    I presume there would be ferries, but not from Colliemore!

  11. The Keystone State Irregulars of the New Free United States were victorious in their attack of the capitol at Detroit Island and all the Mullahs and Imams were killed. Since the megaplex of Boston to Atlanta as well as the entire west coast was either under water or an atomic dead zone the KSI had the backing of the populous. The coordinated attack was timed to coincide with the overtaking of the Texas oil fields by the underground paramilitaries of the Texas Rangers and the Oklahoma Defense Force. Heavy losses occurred just outside of the Grand mosque and government center of Houston. Abu al Hussein has been officially renamed St. Louis. Sharia law has been overturned and outlawed and the government of the New Free United States has taken over the trading of oil with the Xyzzy. Boy, they drink a lot of that stuff. Beer, Whiskey and tobacco production is set to begin at the New Year. The government has announced trade agreements with the Confederated States of Brazilia , the FNLA in Argentina and the archipelago of Ireland as well as the Free and Independent Republic of Tibet.

  12. All you people in the past don’t know you’re born. The world is covered in glaciers now and it’s bloody freezing.
    I just got a mind message from Lord Bush who said the sun has just imploded. So I guess we all have another 8 or so more years to live on this planet. Oh well. Off to Dogon in the neighbouring solar system then. What a kip.

  13. Grandad,

    I’m glad a bit of my parish got left, though it is sad that Dun Laoghaire has gone, I quite liked walking the pier. Anyway, I am greatly relieved that my successors will not have to encounter Yummy Mummies with BT shopping bags and there won’t be a Mercedes Benz in sight (not to mention the sort of people who buy a new Bentley and a taxi plate to put on it so they can use the bus lanes). There won’t be any crap television and lifestyle magazines will have gone the way of all of Dublin 4. In fact, the future isn’t all bad!

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