Grandad is getting a new meaning. — 9 Comments

  1. عباس بن Ù?رناس it actual meas “abbas the son of fernas”
    Abu means father of’ So when you hear some one called Abu Rami
    it means they are father of Rami. In the middle east it is very
    common for people to be known as the father of their son after
    they have one.

  2. @Rob – sue them!

    @Flirty – it’s a seniority thing. That, plus expertise!

    @Ian – I’m only infectious if you read all the post and don’t lavishly scrub your eyeballs with raw alcohol after. Though I believe a stiff whiskey is as good.

    @MacDara – You are being vetted by the Immigration Office. They are tired of Lebanese sneaking in by using Irish names. [Actually, it is probably because you have changed your identity by adding ‘_In_The_Leb’].

    Thanks for the research. I did wonder what it meant. So I am now Grandad bin dad?

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