Thought for the day — 5 Comments

  1. He (the soldier) probably has to say shit like that or he might lose his VA benefits!

  2. Could be. I doubt it though, because they interviewed a load of them in Iraq and they were all saying much the same. The poor sods are brainwashed.

  3. # Brianf, I beg to disagree, despite whatever you managed newsite might have you believe, the average Iraqis hate US for doing them in. The small minority who agree with that news bit are actually third generation Iraqi migrants in US and UK. I have actually had many dinners with the local kind, a remarkable feat for an American but pinch for us.

    They teach their children, especially daughters to stay away from Americans. They really like Americans but when they are dead and harmless.

    I can donate you my videos (they let me keep my CDs) if you have an Arabic translator nearby and promise not to try to let Bush drop mortar bombs on my roof.

    And by the way the Iraqis change citizenship to Iranian and profession to terrorists after they are shot or bombed to death by Americans.

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