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  1. Bertie always sounds like he is having a chat in a pub when he is asked off-subject questions at events. If you were talking to a man casually who said all that you would be content that he made his points. I certainly understood what he was getting at. But on TV from a Prime Minister it sounds badly phrased – he was just responding on the street and shooting from the hip.

    To purists it sounds crap but to some it’s part of Bertie’s one-of-the-lads appeal.

  2. I just wish he’d pause for a moment and think before speaking. I always get the impression he just opens his mouth and waits to see what comes out.

    As one-of-the-lads down the pub, he’s fine, and I’d have a pint with him any day. But as the representative of our country????

  3. Grandad, I agree with you. A course on communications skills would be useful. In formal situations he is a bit better. But casual interviews in the street like this he can’t seem to grasp that he is not just talking to the reporter.

    Thinking back, most Fianna Fails leaders in recent decades were poor speakers. Jack Lynch was the last one with good articulation.

  4. ack–and what are these little boxes that show up when i try to click on someone’s link, grandpa?

    i appear to be your 12th most popular, which makes sense since i think only 12 people have posted comments and that would make me, sadly, the least popular of all..

  5. Hi Laurie,

    I’m not sure where that link thingy came from. I ticked a box in Admin somewhere. It shows the popularity of all outgoing links, whether they are in comments or Blogroll links. So, of ALL the people who have ever commented, or have links here, you are the 16th most popular. Which in fact, is quite high.

  6. Oh, could have been worse. He could have been doing a crossword or more likely playing X and 0.

  7. I think it was on the same news they reported that some TD had to interrupt his crossword to answer a question in the Dáil!!

  8. Most of Joe Duffy was dedicated to that story. (I was in the car at the time and all other stations weren’t working) It was the lovely McDowell doing “The Times” crossword. Nice to know the security of the country is 2 up and 5 down.

  9. I doubt it was Crossaire. More likely Simplex.

    Actually he was stuck on 12 across…

    Taoiseach rounds up cattle (6).

    c _ w b _ y

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