The old tricks are the best — 13 Comments

  1. LOL – I have never heard that one. But I hope to use it in the near future.

  2. As far as I remember, we first pulled that stunt in Sandyford House in Dublin, around 1972.

  3. You sly dog!

    My father and a few friends of his were in Portmarnock when they were younger, and wanted free drink. So they went to a yacht club, and got the best-dressed of them (now sadly deceased) to go up to the front door and say to the doormen:
    ‘Frightfully choppy out today, boys, what?’

    A river of drink soon followed.

  4. Another we used to do the odd time was to get dressed up and go to a hotel where there was a wedding on.

    Just mingle with the guests, and you’ll be bought plenty of the stuff. Each family assumes you belong to the other. Be careful what you say though!!

  5. I will be watching out with my beady eyes at ‘Elly’s

    Don’t even think about it.

    But I like it . //(-_-)\\

  6. Sadly, now that I’m a famous celebrity, that one won’t work any more.

    Of course, now that I am a celebrity, strangers are queuing up to buy me drinks anyway…

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