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  1. My youngest sister will often go in to be ‘a few things‘ and come back an hour later laden down with clothes, sometimes to the value of €500.


  2. Herself is physically incapable of going into a shop and buying one item. She is also physically incapable of nipping in and out – it’s always at least half an hour.

    I am utterly baffled. I cannot see the logic in it. It is one of those great mysteries of the Universe along with breeding wire coat-hangers, and disappearing socks.

  3. This is good male bonding, I’m enjoying this. Can you block females from commenting?

    I’ve seen similar cases so often – “I’m just nippping in for milk”, Then coming out with tons of bags.

    “Wow, how much milk can we drink?” I ask.

    The response – “Agggh, I forgot the milk!!!”

  4. Stop it John. That is too close to the bone. I have been there TOO many times.

    I read somewhere that you can ban visitors on something called an IP address.

    I wonder if you can ban visitors on an IP-sitting address and only allow IP-standing addresses?

  5. Ha ha. We jest of course (don’t we?).

    But you have me on a roll now……

    Our weekly shopping contains too many perishables…too many yogurts, too much bread etc. A lot goes out of date and gets thrown out. Which wastes money and in turn adds to our bin charges.

    Anyway, I gently complain but I do appreciate my spouse doing the shopping herself. When I do shop with her I’m the one who tries experimental exotic things which sometimes get thrown out too!!!

  6. No. I’m not jesting.

    Actually I do the grocery shopping.

    On the Interweb

    But Herself provides the list. And you are right. We are always throwing out rashers and sausages and yoghurts. The waste is terrible, but at least we avoid the impulse buying. So if she does get loose, she makes up for it by buying tons of useless stuff. Most of it ends up in the bin or a charity shop.

  7. Mmmh. Good idea the web buying, it has the advantage of knowing the total bill before heart failure at checkout!

    My wife has the hunting instinct….touching vegetables….don’t like those tomatoes…fighting with butchers…it’s a battlefield out there!

    There’s room for both types of shopping though.

  8. BTW – I like your car. Just try to remember on next trip that we drive on the left side of road.

  9. I’m practising for the big switchover later this year.

    One of the things about supermarket shopping that gets me is that Herself has to read EVERY label. Small print and all. So it can take ten minutes just to pick up a can of beans….

  10. Don’t forget shoes? when they go shopping for clothes they will always invariably buy at least one pair of shoes. And handbags too!

    Herself went shopping one day and came back hours later with two pairs of shoes and one new handbag. she went to but a new coat and of course never bought the coat.

    She is Polish but it just goes to show that women are the same in every language!

  11. No. I put a full ban on shoes. She has a room full of ’em.

    She has a terrible fetish for swaps shops and Oxfam though.

    So the rule seems to be –
    A woman will never buy what she goes out to buy, but will bring back a ton of other stuff.
    A man will only buy what he went out to buy and nothing else.


    I have added a postscript to the original post….


  12. Clothes shopping…oh let’s not even go there!

    I hope you don’t go clothes shopping with your wife futuredad or you’ll soon be divorced!!

    Handbags are now a co-ordinated accessory – they need at least six, as with shoes.

  13. Rule number one when shopping with a wife/spouse/girlfriend/female – find a comfortable coffee shop or pub nearby.

  14. …I’m just holding my breath until a woman breaks in here and kicks our assess into infinity!!!

    It’s uncanny how we’ve been left alone so far.

  15. Luckily there is Mahon Point shopping centre on the ourskirts of Cork City. she heads off shopping while I nip into the cinema!

  16. The cynic inside me notes that since I last commented – I was the first – no women have commented …

    Clearly a coincidence.

  17. Well Boys, move over!

    I am back from my Big Day out.

    I was standing in for the Lord Mayor of Belfast so I couldn’t say anything.

    Now I think what all ye fellas need is to make your own tea!!

  18. Oh Good Grief!!! Now we are in trouble…..!!

    What were you standing in, Grannymar? Lough Neagh?

  19. Grandad,

    “Marriage is a relationship in which one person is always right,
    and the other one is the HUSBAND !!!!!!!!!”


  20. Now Nancy! Are you coming in here just to make trouble?

    I get enough of that from Grannymar.

  21. Grandad,

    I’m only kidding, my husband and I are inseparable. In fact, last week it took four State Troopers and a dog!

  22. That conjours up a mental picture that I’m not sure I’m comfortable with…..


  23. Yikes! To quote the kid Carol-Ann in The Poltergeist….”They’re back!”

    I enjoyed our male bonding while it lasted, we’ll just have to join Portmarnock Golf Club for peace.

    Hope you enjoy making your own tea tonight Grandad.

  24. Aah! Women! What do we do?!?!

    Let’s talk about innocuous subjects. So, how about Spurs, into the quarter-finals of the UEFA Cup I see …

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