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  1. Well as a wannabe (first time I’ve ever been too young for anything yippeee!) there’ll have to be a proper set of rules and regulations – nay, a constitution…never mind a chair(person), secretary, treasurer and social secretary. Ah feck it why don’t you go the whole hog and set up a new country! (and when are are you adding me to your blogroll?)

  2. We are going to set up a new country. We will call it Ireland. The only difference you will notice is that the place is run by honest bloggers and not a pack of dishonest buggers.

    and when are are you adding me to your blogroll?

    Why should I?

    Oh, all right then! It’s done….

  3. Mornin Grandad,

    I was going to comment but I have enough to say for a blog of my own.

    Hope the sun is shining in your heart, if its not outside your door.

  4. Hey, daddy-o, you so square and old!

    I’m just joking. Referring to you on the basis of age is, to me, a load of b-s (see? I’ve stopped swearing too). The fact that you are – I’m guessing here – around three times my age should have absolutely no bearing on the popularity of your blog whatsoever. Granted, my age does shine through and I do make some very misguided statements as a result, but lumping you, Herself, and Grannymar into a separate ‘old box’ is just being patronising.

    Oh, look at the old people using computers! How quaint/cute!’

    I respect you because you’re a good blogger, and your posts are always witty or insightful, not because you’re old and have discovered what the magic glow-box is. Looking at your blog, mine, or indeed anyone’s in terms of age is wrong.

    In passing, my father is sixty and can’t even use his mobile phone properly. That may be the root of all the surprise over your blog; the fact that you are technologically literate.

  5. Thanks Grandad, I thought I might have to give you an alternative testimonial for a moment 🙂

  6. @Dario – You just woke me up! Having a nice doze in the armchair and the laptop goes PING.

    Who is being patronising? If it’s them, then I don’t mind. If it’s me, then it’s deliberate.

    I’m proud to be what I am. We are pioneers!! We are showing you lot how it should be done. Though I sometimes doubt your age claim – you seem too mature for 18?!

    Actually, you are close on the age front. Just add a few for the pot, and you are there.

    We will be lumped into an ‘old box’ soon enough. Though I may go for Grannymar’s idea which I think is priceless.

    I know how to make calls on my phone and have even got the hang of predictive text. But I’m buggered if I can work out how to connect to the Interweb or any of that crap. But I have a laptop for that, so I’m not worried. Tell your Da to get off his ass and start blogging.

    @Grannymar – Like it!! Haven’t been in touch as I’ve been asleep. Until Dario woke me.

    @That Girl – you can give me an alternative testimonial if you like. I don’t have to print it!


  7. Good one Grandad! That picture you posted bears a terrifying resemblance to my maternal grandad who died of old age in 1968!

    Dario – excellent comments, I agree. Nevertheless there is a humour associated with age which is fun as long as it’s not hurtful or discriminatory. The wealth of experience and memories are amongst the huge positives.

  8. You’re posting from work again John!!

    Nobody has been hurtful or discriminatory. Unless it was me. In which case I intended it. I’m not taking any exception to anything anyone has said. Sorry if I gave that impression.

    I agree about the experience and the memories. Only trouble is that I can’t remember them.

    One of the great advantage of being an old fart, is that I can poke fun at old farts. It’s one of the privileges. So from now on, everyone who wants to comment on this blog has to declare their age [be honest – I have ways of checking!!]. Then I can decide whether to poke fun at them or not.

  9. Wow! Just noticed an ad at the bottom here for “Irish Dating Over 50 – The top Irish site for the over 50’s. Join free and meet 1000s like you”.

    Sounds like Hell on Earth!!

  10. Ha ha ha! You’ll never get a wink of sleep while I’m around!

    Everyone would find the idea of my father blogging hilarious. He can use the computer to:
    play that auld card game
    by which of course he means Solitaire.

    Besides, whenever I try to offer my opinion in the house I’m told to ‘know my place‘. That man would not accept any kind of negative comments.

    Though I must say that Offspring seems to have taken to your blogs with relish.

  11. Offspring and ourselves have a unique relationship – we actually get on well together. I just wish she’d blog. She is an excellent writer.

  12. ‘The older the violin, the sweeter the tune.’

    There you go stealing my stuff again.

    I said that last week… or was it the week before….;)

  13. You probably only thought it when you were thinking of me.

    Are we talking again? Or are you still ganging up with Herself?

  14. Gentle ‘Lady’ that I am I talk to everyone!

    Glad you woke up, I was beginning to get worried!

  15. Grandad,

    I may be the oldest of your “Groupies”. And I’ve had my share of problems with getting old.

    I’ve had two by- pass surgeries,a hip replacement, and I’m half blind and can’t hear anything quieter than a jet engine. I take 10 different medications that make me dizzy,winded,and subject to blackouts.I have poor circulation;Can hardly feel my hands or my feet anymore. Can’t remember if I am 79 or 80. I’ve lost all my friends,but Thank God, I still have my driving license.


  16. I take my hat off to you, Nancy.

    One thing you haven’t lost is the use of the old brain !!!!


  17. Grandad,

    You don’t stop laughing because you grow old: You grow old because you stop laughing.


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