My first Chick-Lit novel — 24 Comments

  1. Well, let’s look at the positives first….

    1. You got all the words in.

    2. You might give Alexander Pope a very slight grave stir with your neo-mock-heroic style.


    1. Don’t call us, we’ll call you.

    2. Stick to the day job.

  2. You really must enjoy making all your own meals.

    You don’t seriously think Herself reads Chick-Lit do you? If she did, she’d find herself out in the pig-sty pretty quick! She hates them.

    Mind you, if she finds I’ve joined the genre I might find myself in the pig-sty……

  3. Of course it’s an improvement! Men writing Chick-Lit is just giving us a powerful mind-control weapon over women …

    Imagine what Cecelia Ahern would do if she could control our minds – we’d all be weeping in the streets and listening to Whitney Houston while mourning our true loves who dies tragically from Tubercu-SARS, a deadly new virus that killed only one person.

  4. Well her Daddy is doing his best.

    I think us men should get together, give ourselves female pen-names and then flood the market with Chick-Lit novels. That’ll teach ’em!

  5. Daria Sanchez:

    ‘Ooh … I loved your novel Grandad, it made me burst into tears when she realised that the short man was the man she wanted to marry. I wish I could find my true love by selling my soul to the devil …’

    Dario Sanchez: If I was a woman – and Daria is the female of Dario, I checked it out – that’s what I’d be doing now. That, and eating a big tub of Ben and Jerry’s Mintilicious (or whatever stupid name for mint ice cream they use), lighting some candles, and watching a chick-flick.

  6. Welcome Daria to the blogosphere!! I think “Daria Sanchez’s Pink And Fluffy Dome” sounds very nice.

    Give that Dario fella a run for his money..

  7. I have just received an e-mail. I have been nominated for the Booker Prize!!

    Oops! That should have been the Hooker Prize. Ah well!

  8. Your Magnum Opus was nothing short of brilliant. The quality prose and sophisticated style is amazing.

    Oscar Wilde once observed that there were two types of author – those who could write and those who couldn’t.
    You are most definitely in the second category!

    Please stop stealing my ideas.


  9. Children, will you please behave!

    Young Dario might be about. You don’t want him learning bad habits from you.

    I wonder if I should write a Buke?

  10. Oh, it’s okay, Grannymar. I was covering my ears while they were talking about naughty stuff.

    Where do babies come from?

  11. And by the way, in what has to be one of the biggest ironies I’ve seen in ages, there’s an ad on the bottom of your page for a book called:

    Romance From A Man’s View

    True and honest coming of age novel. A young man’s turbulent romance.

    You old devil! You work like lightning!

  12. What’s so unattractive about spiders? This is just another example of unfair prejudice and discrimination.

    Obviously another web novel, sub-genre like. Against my will, I love it.

  13. @Dario -I don’t let the grass grow under my feet, if that’s what you mean. Moss behind the ears, and potatoes between the toes, but not grass.

    @Nancy – It’s easy to climb a fallen tree.

    @Omani – Spiders seem to be a woman thing. It seems to be a defining definition of the gender.

    And praise from an author and playwright is indeed high praise. I am encouraged to do more.

    All I need now is another list of items to include in my next Magnum Opus.

  14. Good writing is good writing. The best chick-lit book out there is “The What-If Guy” by Taylor Wilshire. Why? Beacause it has substance it doesn’t talk about shopping but talks about really finding a soul-mate and has a spiritual twist, (non-denominational) that will knock your socks off.

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