My moment of TV fame — 17 Comments

  1. I am so looking forward to seeing you tonight. I loved the programme, even though I didn’t see it.

    Your ever devoted wife,


  2. Hi Grandad,

    I missed the programme because my car’s battery died at six o’clock yesterday evening and my son had to go to find one of his school teacher’s to give us a jump start (It’s automatic, so I couldn’t roll it down the hill).

    I love the post about the pot-smoker. I grew up eight miles from Glastonbury. The Flower People of the late ’60s are all in their late ’60s now.

    I have just come in from our National School where Junior Infants told me they had seen me on the telly – a Warhol 15 minutes!

  3. Hi Ian,

    I’m sure it’ll be on the Net soon enough, once those people in RTE get the finger out.

    I notice you managed a lovely sunny day for filming. It lashed down when they were here.

    I know Glastonbury quite well. I spent an entire summer in Cheddar. It was the summer of ’68 – the year of The Great Flood.

    So does the above imply that God has it in for me?

  4. Hi Grandad, I enjoyed you on the telly. I’ve spent the last 20 minutes reading both you and Granny’s blogs. What a laugh. You should both make a TV series. I can’t decide if it’s all a wind up or not (I’m naive sometimes but I suspect it is). It sure is fun.

    And it’s great to read older peoples blogs considering I’m getting there at 52.

  5. Hi John, and thanks!

    Yup. I’ve just been going through yours. Happy memories of being lashed by the teachers! Though in my school, only the headmaster had a cane – the rest had specially made leathers.

    I am constantly being accused of forgery. There is a theory doing the rounds that I’m a twenty-something who is taking the p*ss. Hopefully, last night will put paid to that.

    Everything Herself and I write is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but distortion of the truth.

    And at 52, you’re only a nipper.

  6. Are RTE not transmitting to Lebanon yet? Typical!

    Mind you, I can’t get it properly here either – I have to rely on satellite.

  7. GD – what were you on, gutted I missed it. Hopefully you will have on the site soon?

  8. Hi Flirty,
    It was on CapitalD last night. They should have the episode up on the RTE site in a year or two’s time, once they get back from the canteen.

  9. I’m amused by the union jack flag coming up in my comments. I’m thoroughly Irish and even Capital D Irish. Maybe it’s my office being connected to those invading NTL folk. God Shave the Queen!

  10. True, it’s subtle annexation. Vodafone, O2, BT, Tesco, Marks and Spenser….mmmh, I feel a blog on this would be useful.

  11. Yep, I saw it, and me and Kav will now have to shut up about the age debate. I enjoyed the piece, well done.

    As for lucy Kennedy, in my opinion, she’s a bit overrated. She looks like a brown-haired Oompa-Loompa.

  12. Thanks Dario 🙂

    What I like about Lucy is her dirty sense of humour!

    And RTE have finally put up the show.

    I have posted it.

  13. I see it, but I don’t believe it! RTE acting efficiently!! It didn’t take them seven and a half months to upload it! Huzzah!

  14. You were great, and while I cringed a bit during my piece (is it possible to watch yourself without doing that?) I though the piece was very good. It was also good to put a face/pipe to a blog. So nice to meet you 🙂

  15. Hi Red,
    It is physically impossible not to cringe. I dislike the sound of my own voice because I’m not used to it. After all, none of us hear ourselves as others hear us.

    Blogging is very akin to reading a book – you form mental pictures of the characters and it is often disappointing to see the real thing. [I wasn’t disappointed by what I saw of you and Ian BTW!!!!]

    The pipe was at Scott’s insistence. I had to light and relight the damn thing several times. “We want a shot of you typing, and then lighting the pipe and doing more typing”. They had to take this from several angles so I had to keep stoking the pipe. They only used a bit in the end and it looks very artificial.

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