Herself Part Two – the bad news — 13 Comments

  1. You must be joking!

    She may keep to her own side of the fence but I doubt it. This could end up with a lot of blood on the walls.

  2. You’re in for it now Grandad! We might have to choose sides! 🙂 Will the daughter get in on the action?

  3. Anyone who changes sides will be deemed a traitor, and will be banished from my feedreader. They will furthermore be the target of malicious comments on ALL their posts.

    Strangely enough, I am trying to persuade the daughter to take it up. She is a great writer. She has bad access to the Internet at the moment but will hopefully be moving to a house with broadband later this year.

    Would it be a record to have all the members of family all blogging against each other?

    New category in the Blog Awards – Best Family!!!

  4. OH DEAR!

    On an slightly related matter do you have Ron’s number. I hate my blog. I feel like the kid at school who had to wear the SVP clothes. Everyone else has cool links and images and stuff.

  5. I like that award catagory….Best Blogging Family
    I’m going to ride the proverbial fence for now. Your blog is a daily read for me but that story of how herself got her title was too too funny.

  6. Nice job working Munch’s The Scream in there. But is it really that bad?

  7. How on earth have I missed your blog..I’m ashamed of myself for being away for so long…mind you, I’m signing up for herself as well 🙂 and I’m all in favour of a best family blog next time round.

  8. Look i told you already i cant blog becase its to hard and the phone bills is high enough it take’s me so long to find all the letter’s there re too many letters on this keboard anyway and my nail’s are bit to shreds trying too think of what to say it makes my brain sore sure ament i trying to write my autobiografry for 12 yrs now and i cant think of an ending yet so thats hard enough but aswell ther is to much tippex on the screen for me to see what i wrote its your fault for sending me to a convent school i know lots about the book of job but nothing about contrasseption or writing stuff so leave me alone

  9. @Dario – Yes. It is going to mean a lot more work for me. I won’t go into that…!

    @That Girl – Welcome. But I’m not sure about Threesomes. We’ll see what Herself has to say.

    @Deborah – You now have your answer – Offspring has spoken!

    @Offspring – I’m glad to see your speling is emproving

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