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  1. eBay, a blessing and a scourge. Since my wife works from home, her eBay purchases have increased by a factor of fifty. Mostly stuff for the kids though, so I can’t complain (too much).

  2. Kav – you are depressing me.

    I’m trying to live on a pension, and what was she looking at? – a MASSIVE oak double bed in the US.

    I pointed out that it wouldn’t fit in the house and we’d have to charter the QE2 to get it here, but she just accused me of being negative.

  3. Just do what I do. Pretend to be interested, take a look at it, and then sayah yeah, it’s nice, but I can make one for you for much cheaper.

    It works more often than you’d believe, even though the list of things I’m supposed to make around the house is almost as long as Santa’s on Christmas Eve.

  4. I have tried that. It doesn’t work. She then complains that I never make a start on the list.

    She can sleep on the floor like she always has.

  5. Ha! I bet it’s a bicycle you bring her into town on as well. The poor woman must be half-killed sitting on that crossbar.

  6. Sometimes I thank God I don’t have a girlfriend – in between cursing him because I don’t have a girlfriend – the reason being that I can never understand why they just want to look in shops and not actually buy anything.

    I will never understand women.

  7. I live in the mountains. A bicycle is out of the question with all the hills. Mind you – if I got a tandem…….?

  8. Dario – the worst part is going into shops and just looking at things that they have no intention of buying. She can spend half an hour examining a skirt suitable for a teenager.

    If/when you get a girlfriend, only bring her to shops that have a pub/coffee shop nearby. Now there’s a word of wisdom from an old dog.

  9. Ah, the Houdini routine, though I’d imagine you’re sometimes forced to come in and look. I’m guessing too it’s pretty painful; ‘does my bum look big in this?‘ etc.

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