A hair of the dog — 6 Comments

  1. We no longer have a dog, alas! D’you reckon they’d be as keen on human hair? Teenage-daughter hair, specifically? Or would the residue of ‘because-I’m-worth-it’ muck be off-putting…?

  2. What a beautiful dog Grandad… like Lassie! 🙂 Cool idea with the hair! What is her breed?

  3. She is not a thoroughbred. The nearest I [and some experts] have come up with is a Rough Collie.

    She is the most intelligent, faithful, loving and gentle dog I have ever known, and I have known a few.

    If the finds a fledgeling that has fallen out of its nest, she will call me and she minds it until I arrive. That happens quite a lot here in spring.

    I also wrote about her here

  4. Hi Grandad,

    My niece went to the local shelter and adopted a long haired dog she called Ziggy. Then she bought a house that was 200 years old and had about 5 outbuildings(barns and sheds,etc.). The house and barns also came with 5 barn cats that the previous owner kept for rodent control. Well, the cats gave Ziggy a very wide berth in the warm months and would not go near his dog house in the yard. BUT,come December and the very cold weather and snow, the cats kept moving closer and closer to the dog house with it’s roof and the straw underneath and blankets inside. We watched to see what would happen and were delighted with the outcome.

    Ziggy welcomed all to his nice warm house and he and the cats snuggled up together all Winter and shared their warmth with each other.

    I have a feeling that Ziggy and Sandy would be very good friends.

  5. You are probably right 🙂

    Sandy has a stuffed dog [the same size as her] and she sleeps cuddled into it sometimes. And sometimes will have her paw around it for comfort. She gets terribly embarrassed if she’s seen though!

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