Move aside, Oscars — 8 Comments

  1. Damn you – that Armani dress was supposed to be a surprise!

    Now what am I supposed to wear?


  2. Ah! You know you’ve been dying to wear that slinky little John Rocha number………!!

  3. Donncha won’t be able to attend this year, so if he wins anything someone else will have to accept on his behalf

  4. Grandad,

    I will be trying to see you on RTE1 on
    Thursday. I suppose I can just click on
    Capital D and maybe you will be there.
    Actually, I don’t have much luck with
    stuff like that, so hope I get to see you.
    I will be looking at 2 P.M. Eastern U.S.A.

    Is Sandy and herself in it ,too?

  5. I was meant to go. But I’m in two minds because I’d like to appear on Brianf and Jefferson Davis’ podcast, but I’d also like to go to these awards.

    In short, I have developed the power of astral projection. That way I can be in Dublin and Cavan – a torturous two-and-a-half hour bus journey away – at the same time.

  6. @Nancy – I don’t know what the story is regarding the programme. It should be on the RTE site after transmission anyway, so there is no nee to stay up!!

    And no. Herself disappeared and didn’t resurface until the coast was clear. If you are [un]lucky, they’ll show the bit with me walking with my daughter and Sandy. They were intrigued by Sandy, who got very wet and muddy.

  7. By the way, if you think you’re going to look foolish on TV, try tuning into the Jefferson Davis podcast this week. I think I left the impression that I’m a total knob.

    I think I did anyway, which is rather unfoirtunate.

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