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  1. GD – gutted you didn’t make the list. Sent you a rambling comment yesterday but it seems to have vanished or I can’t remember where I typed it. God bless blogger and my short term memory loss. Delighted you had such a fab day better than a silly award any day. Plus you are a definite for next year.

  2. Aw gee thanks 🙂

    Actually, I took the liberty of replying to yesterday’s comment by direct e-mail, so you should find it lying around somewhere.

  3. Little hands exploring your face and hugging you are worth all ‘The Tea in China’, your ‘Weight in Gold’ or any man made award!

    Sure you will be with us in spirit on 3rd!

    The shock of my Toyboy might be to much for you anyway!

  4. Grand – hasn’t showed up yet but I am so crap at this technical stuff so who knows.

  5. Grandad, I was so disappointed to hear that you didn’t get nominated!! I was out on the town on Sun afternoon and was texted with the results – just to show you how important you are in our household, the text read like this:

    “Thought you might want to know that the results are out, you didn’t get nominated 🙁 neither did Grandad :'( and drum roll… Oldbones made it in both categories!!! :D”

    See – you even got a tear in the smiley face referring to you, I didn’t even get that!!!

    I’m gutted that I won’t get to meet you when I escort the mother to the blog awards… still, next year we’ll clean the board together in all categories!!! 🙂

  6. Don’t worry about it – Oldbones got in and I have already appointed her as my Ambassador. The original nominations were enough for me.

    The excitement would probably be too much for me anyway 😉

    As you say – next year we’ll take ’em by storm. And we’ll meet sometime!!

  7. Yes, it certainly can be The Angry Dome at times …

    We’ll make it next year I’m sure anyway, but sure isn’t your birthday and having a great day tehre more than recompense for any award?

    I spent my 18th in a casino in Malta. I learned how to properly play blackjack. I promptly lost 70 Maltese Lira (approx. €175).

    Still wouldn’t have been anywhere else though.

  8. I was sorry and surprised to hear it too. But then I’ve been surprised alot this week. Don’t take it to heart. You’ve got plenty of greedy readers.

  9. You’re all right Donagh. If the heart gives out, it’ll be nothing to do with the Awards. More likely a life of debauchery 😉

    And I’m renowned for being a very laid back person. I take nothing to heart. I think it’s the blue tablets that do it. Or it could be the pink….?

    As for my Greedy Readers, I hope to keep you fed for a while yet. And I hope to improve the recipes a bit as experience teaches me new tricks. Old dog that I am.

  10. Grandad,
    I just found your site and it’s very well done. I’ll be around some more.
    Thanks for the great writing.

  11. Welcome to the home of senility Brianf.

    People who make comments like that are always welcome here. 🙂

    Have to rush off now and edit my Testimonials Page…

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