What would they know anyway — 8 Comments

  1. I miss real fires. You know they hardly have any of them in Scotland? It’s all oil and gas. You can’t beat dozing in front of a fire while your socks go a pleasant shade of brown from the heat.

  2. I’m 18, and already I’m developing what seems to be a permanently absent mind.
    I regularly go out to the garage or upstairs and cannot remember for the life of me why I’m there.

    It gets vaguely annoying sometimes, especially when I can’t remember where I put the keys to the house.

  3. The trouble is that Herself loves the open fires so much we have to have them whatever the temperature.
    As for absent-mindedness 🙁
    It gets worse!! But you learn to life with it. Until you get to the stage when you forget that you are absent minded…

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