I really am a romantic at heart — 7 Comments

  1. on the off chance that grandmar chucks you out after getting the “present” my sister has decided she is in love with you………. ahhhhhhhhhhh

  2. So by that logic, the perfect gift for a first date is a food processor. So buying woman dinner doesn’t work; they need appliances!

  3. @Flirty – when you say “grandmar” to you mean Herself, or Grannymar? Two different people, but both in my fan club. Tell your sister that Herself is delighted with her present, but that needn’t stop her [your sister] writing to me. But it can’t go any further than that. I’m an old married man, you know. 😉
    @Dario – You’re getting it. A food processor and an invite around to your place to cook you a meal. No point in having a girlfriend who can’t even boil an egg. I know! I have to boil the eggs here, but Herself makes a mean slice of toast.

  4. Herself has told me to write this –
    She says that she does not observe Valentine’s Day. She will not be told when to be romantic. However, she cordially invites Flirtysomething’s sister to join Grandad and Herself in the hot tub and we’ll just see what pops up.
    Now she did tell me to write that. She dictated it. I swear to God. I’m as surprised as anyone.

  5. I hope y’all made sure to send politically correct valentine’s messages this year.
    I’m not bailing anyone out of prison this time around.
    BTW, Mrs Skinner’s getting naff all for peeing off to the black North and leaving me here on my own with mouldy vegetables, uninterrupted net access and the remote control for company this Valentine’s day.
    Hold on, what am I thinking?
    Best VD ever!

  6. JC – If I were you I wouldn’t go shouting about VD. It might put the women off. And Mrs Skinner is going to know you’ve been up to naughty things.
    Unless of course you are referring to Valentine’s Day?

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