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  1. Alas, it will be me and a can of Bulmers Wednesday night – not that it bothers me all that much.

    I’ve got a real romantic exam on fungi Wednesday evening, and as my roommate JC drily put it:
    You’ve got a date with Fungal Hyphae!

  2. Nothing as romantic as finding a bar of chocolate secreted in your knicker drawer! 😉

    Try it!

  3. as my roommate JC drily put it:
    You’ve got a date with Fungal Hyphae

    Hey! I went out with her once. Lovely girl. I was right as rain after three weeks of antibiotics.
    @Grannymar – you have the right idea: the little touches, not the grand gesture. Mind you, I don’t have a knickers drawer. Herself found them and grabbed them for herself.

  4. Thing is Grandad, the yougin’s these days expect the €730 flowers. In their view its bigger the pressie the bigger the mans heart is.

    Take my ex-girlie as an example, last year I got her a €80 bottle of perfume and a few months later she dumped me. 🙁

    Yer a lucky man to have an ol’ doll that would laugh at the image. If my ex laughed her face would’ve cracked wide open.


  5. Mrs Skinner has wisely decamped to Belfast, so I’ll be spending Wednesday with a load of Latvian hookers and this month’s mortgage payment’s worth of cocaine. YAY!!!
    Well, no. But I’ll be thinking about it when I call her to whisper sweet nothings. 😉

  6. @Seamus – that’s the modern woman for you. They are in it for what they can get out of it. The bra burning brigade have a lot to answer for 😉

  7. Ah boys we are not that bad. Unfortunately, V day is the only time a lot of girls get any attention, so they have to make the most of it as it has to do them the rest of the year. Can’t imagine what you’d have to do to thank someone for a 100 roses but suspect it would throw your back out.

  8. If V-day is the only day you get any attention – they’re not worth it.
    Think of it – for €730, a bloke could fly to Amsterdam, blow his brains out on hash, half kill himself in the Red Light District, and still have change for the Mot at home.

  9. GD – you have been giving this far too much thought 🙂 look at all the problems you had getting to the library are you sure you want to risk an overseas trip?

  10. No problems going overseas – they don’t have 4WDs [or SUVs or whatever you call them] in the air do they?

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