Come on Britain – Join in the fun — 10 Comments

  1. Love the map!

    Cue Music…

    “Who do you think you are kidding, Mr Euro,
    If you think old England’s done?
    We are the boys who will stop your federal game,
    even if a single currency is very sane.”

  2. sensible as the euro may be, i miss irish money, the pretty colors, the harps, the poets….

    yes, there’s a lot to be gained by joining the EU and using that ugly soul-less euro coin. but something is lost, too.

    currency doesn’t identify a country as much as language and culture, but it certainly is a part of a country’s identity, or it used to be.

    too bad all around.

  3. Grandad you could always send me your change!

    As a poor ould widow woman…(violins playing) where is my hankie?

  4. @JC – Like it! I can hear the music now. Was the map the inspiration?
    @Laurie – I think you are having us on. You are more Irish than I am [and that’s not possible]. The old money was fine. I liked it. I hate the new coins, and have to read them each time I use them. Too small. At least all the notes are different sizes 😉
    @Grannymar – If [when] you change to the Euro, your pension will jump up by 50%. Just think of it. £10 becomes €15.

  5. i’m not all that irish, granddad. i cant play the uiellean harp. nor spell it.

    i did take fiddle lessons for a few years. but i had to quit when my teacher finally took me aside and told me, sadly, that i must quit because i am tone deaf and the lessons were, quite frankly, driving her insane.

    that must be the german in me.

  6. In theory, it wouldn’t bother me in the slightest, but what would really get to me is that if Britain did switch to the Euro, we’d end up getting shafted in the same way as Irish consumers did when the Euro came in. I know exactly how much retailers screwed us when the change happened, because I worked in retail at the time. Something cost five Irish pounds and now it’s €6.35? Ara sure, let’s just make that €6.99.

    There was no rounding down done. Ever.

  7. @Laurie – thats OK. I can’t play the uiuillieeann thingy pipes either. But you do drink Guinness and know about Irish currency.
    @Kav – Exactly. The rest of us had to suffer. Now it’s your turn.

  8. My turn to suffer twice? Go ‘way outta that you oul codger. Besides, the Brits haven’t told you yet, but their plan is to turn all of Europe to Sterling by the year 2010. It’s going to be called the New Commonwealth Initiative.

  9. Sorry – had to pause there ’til I stopped laughing. Can’t you see the way Blair is half way up Bush’s backside?? You will be changing to the Dollar within five years. Mark my words!

  10. and given the way the dollar has been tanking, the whole EU would be plunged into a depression….

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