Some people like a good kicking — 3 Comments

  1. Wow this whole blogging thing is like middle earth with all the different etiquette, tribes and options. Now that I realise what the button does, I look forward to pressing it (sounds like a Bushism). Well done Grandad for spreading the word, you are the ultimate silver surfer.

  2. maybe people click on “kick” because they don’t know what it is. (“hmm,” they think. “grandad’s gonna kick my butt?”)

    and they keep clicking it because they’re not feeling a thing. either way, it makes you famous.

  3. @Flirty – Don’t I know it. I’m just learning as I go along. It’s a steep curve.
    @Laurie – Click away. It can’t do any harm if you’re not logged in! You have to be a [free] member to actually vote.
    Actually, Kick is not such a good name. it has negative connotations. Digg sounds positive. Maybe I should put a “Vote for this Post” comment over the button each time?

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