To times past, and to the future — 15 Comments

  1. Do you know, Skellig – they were the exact words my mother used at our first dinner together after the wedding. My mother was noted for her tact and diplomacy.  And she was not joking!!
    And thanks, Grannymar 🙂

  2. I have just added the post below [I put it below for continuity, and because I can].
    I added it because I find it strange in light of what I wrote. In particular, the second last paragraph.

  3. Having just got married myself, wife expecting a child in a few months and as she’s going to stay at home and mind the little one this post resonates for me! Thank God we don’t have a huge massive mortgage, just a huge one..

  4. Congratulations Donncha. Just think – another 30 years or so and you’ll be in the same boat as myself. We are experienced babysitters, so don’t hesitate……

  5. That’s the best item you have posted yet, Grandad! It is really lovely. Congratulations to you both, and here’s wishing you many more decades of happiness together in your beautiful home on the hill. 🙂

  6. ah, i felt all sentimental when i read this and was going to post something warm and feel-goody and then i read skellig and grannymar and realized that sarcasm and wit would be the real way to honor you.

    so i’ll come back again when i’m feeling more sarcastic and witty and a wee less sentimental.

  7. Monique, I’m insulted at the “best item you have posted yet” bit. The post was a lapse in personality. It won’t happen again, and I apologise to all my regulars. But thanks anyway 🙂
    Laurie has the right idea….!

  8. Grandad, your secret is out, it’s too late for back-pedalling. Inside that crotchety old curmudgeon with a lavatorial turn-of-phrase at every corner hides a sentimental old romantic. That’s why Herself has put up with you so long! 🙂 🙂

  9. Lavatorial?????? How dare you! Anyway, the only reason I posted it was that I forgot to get a card, and I thought I might get away with it this way. I did 🙂
    Herself is always bitching about the amount of time I spend on-line, and this has killed two birds with one stone – I got away with the lack of card, and she is more benign when it come to my blogging. I’m not stupid, you know.

  10. Child from hell?! HA!! You got off lightly.

    I’d retract that before I change my mind about the nursing home. You might find yourself sleeping on a park bench with a CSI boxset and no telly to watch it on…

    Speaking of CSI, I’m getting great ideas as to how to clean up evidence at a murder scene so WATCH your back.

  11. Hmmmmm. Guess who Offspring is!
    OK. You weren’t the child from hell. You were worse, and you know it.
    I don’t mind park benches. I can blog from our local coffee shop, and I’m bored of TV. Who needs a home.
    And just to let you know – if I die an unnatural death, the dog gets the LOT.

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