Keep it up Tony – you nearly make Bertie look good — 3 Comments

  1. Ah ah ah … just remember that Tony Blair – in the name of national security – is noow trying to force English residents to carry around ID cards.

    What’s there to stop, say, Mahammed bin Faisal al-Khalifa from acquiring a card that says Steve McEnglishman??

    No wonder their terrorist threat level is always at critical. Hell, even MI5 said that there are always 30 plots trying to blow up England going on at any one time. So, yes, they are incompetent. But when you have your head that far up Bush’s ass, you’re bound to miss a few things.

  2. Britain really is the classic case of the lunatics taking over the asylum.
    For example, Manchester police refused to chase two men who had stolen motorbikes
    because the force could be sued if they fell off (the thieves weren’t
    wearing helmets). And the worst of it is, I work in their civil service and have to carry out their mad ideas.

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