One for the road — 2 Comments

  1. Zero tolerance is the only way forward to change our drink culture. I don’t agree that it’s not changing. For this generation it is simply “not cool” to drink and drive -or smoke even-

    We tend to hear from the extreme left or right on these issues. But there is a large middle ground where the culture from past generations is being shown for what it is. For example, I was reading the maudlin ramblings from an ex-Irish press journalist the other day. He pretty much admitted that “where the next drink was coming from was more important than the work at hand” was widespread at that august organ (and the Irish Times, apparently). So now we know. It took this generation to break the big stories of our very murky past -Certainly not these guys-

    So not only should the message “it’s not cool to drink and drive” be directed at this generation, it should be directed back in time too.


  2. You’ll never change the drink culture. As I said, pass by any pub tonight and have a look at the car park. There is however a slight shift in the drink-drive culture [slightly different thing], and about time.
    When the car parks are empty, and there is a queue of taxis outside at closing time, then we can talk about real progress.

    And I do agree about past times. Where I worked [and I’m not giving any hints!] there was a very strong drink culture in the Good Old Days. To the extent that a lot of staff went to the pub at lunch and never bothered returning.

    Bit late to send messages in retrospect though?

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