At last. You can afford to get on the property ladder. — 5 Comments

  1. This is the property for you…..!

    It is also ideal for the existing homeowner. Downsize, and leave yourself with tons of investment capital.

  2. It looks tempting but I’m scared that the bubble will burst, no, never mind. Things can only go up. I’m buying!!!

  3. That was in the news back in February. It had gone ‘sale agreed’ but it fell through. I was all set up to do an interview with the selling agent once it was sold. One of the questions I really wanted to ask the buyer was “Why?” 🙂

  4. Yes. I remember that. And if I remember correctly it hit the international news at the time [“And you’ll never believe what the mad Irish are selling now for vast sums of money…..”].

    As for the reasons; I can think of a few. Considering that any building or extending is prohibited, it’s unlikely to be used for rave parties. But I could imagine that someone who likes peace, solitude and nature could like to get away from it all there at the weekends. Someone like myself?!

    Or maybe someone who has been fleeced by a very bad divorce [i.e. almost broke] might want somewhere to lick their wounds?

    It would make an interesting story all right.

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