Are you a waste of space? — 2 Comments

  1. Richard

    Great to see the blog!

    But you are sadly mistaken to assume anyone who buys an SUV automatically falls into the categories you list (waste of space, moron, prat, need to impress etc)

    The old stereotype of 4x4s no longer holds true. Any statistic on SUV’s can be easily countered. eg A low powered 1 litre petrol car will produce more emissions than a 4litre diesel 4×4 because the engine has to work harder over a given route. As many 4×4’s are diesel they are more carbon friendly and more economical than their petrol counterparts.

    I have to agree that an SUV can be intimidating on the road. But not as intimidating as that GoldenVale lorry that thunders by on the narrow road outside my gate.

    Now people who consume any alcohol -and those that sell it- and then drive certainly fall into your categories. I do hope they leave the keys at home this weekend.

    As for me, I have been around long enough to know that most people couldn’t give a hoot what I drive.

    They are most likely thinking about what’s for tea and will Pajo be any good tonight.


  2. Hi Skellig,

    Thanks for the comments!

    Ah! Sure I know there are exeptions. My perspective is from local experience. Around here, they all fit the stereotype.

    I agree about the emissions bit. There are exceptions here too. But when I see a small woman driving her 4 year old to the local shop in something that’s bigger than a minibus [I watched one yesterday. She was tiny. The child was smaller and the yoke she was driving was ENORMOUS!], I can’t help but wonder.

    As for the drink driving bit… I have yet to tackle that subject 🙂

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