Hate Love Hate

I sometimes wonder if I live on the same planet as everyone else.

Recently they ran a drama series on television here in Ireland – "Love/Hate".

This is a drama about drug dealing scumbags in the seedier parts of Dublin [are there any other parts?].  It seems to be a sort of Irish version of "Breaking Bad".  Now I watched "Breaking Bad" and enjoyed it through to the end; all five series.  I would be quite happy to watch the whole thing again, and may even do so one day.

When "Love/Hate" first started a few years ago I watched an episode or two.  Frankly, and in my humble opinion, it was fucking dire.  As usual with most [but not all] Irish drama the script was clichéed and the acting was terrible.    I stuck it out for an episode or two as I believe in giving a fair trial, but gave it up as a lost cause.

It recently finished the fifth series, and to my bemusement all hell broke loose.  People were crying their eyes out that the series had finished.  Newspapers ran stories about the lead character being violently killed [from what I can gather, violence seems to be the norm in the series so I don’t know what else they expected?].  Twitter of course lit up like Grafton Street in mid-Winter.  Next thing, to my amazement I see the head of RTE Drama being interviewed on the main evening News as to whether or not there will be another series.  For fuck's sake – get a fucking grip!!

Now I see that there will be another series but not next year.  Seeing as most of the characters in it seems to have been gruesomely killed off I don't know how they will manage.  Maybe a shower scene will feature somewhere?

I won't be watching the next series either.

If I want to see gangs of lowlife knuckledraggers dealing drugs and beating each other up I'll just nip into Skobieville any day of the week.

It's more realistic and the acting is better.


They know best

I am eternally grateful to The Authorities.

You know who I mean?  Those people who only have my interests at heart and obviously know better than I do how to live my life.

The have written a lovely web site which tells me all I need to know about being ready for Winter.

This site has told me so many things I never would have even considered.  Who would have thought that it might snow heavily leaving me short of groceries?  And I am aghast that I never considered having enough heating fuel to see me through the months.

I suppose they have cottoned on to the fact that the memory isn't what it was.  I only remember last Summer and have completely forgotten that Winter exists.  Here was I, planning barbecues and picnic trips, completely forgetting that Winter can be cold, wet and even snowy.  Isn't it a blessing that they reminded me?

Some of their tips are really helpful.  They suggest for example that I wear heavy boots when shoveling snow, where I was far more likely to wear slippers or sandals when wielding the pitchfork [they don’t say what I should use to shift snow so I suppose a pitchfork will do the trick?].  They suggest that I call in on elderly neighbours.  Actually that last one is a non-runner as all my neighbours are younger than me, but I suppose they don't know that?

One suggestion they make is a bit of a problem.  They suggest that I stock up on medications [presuming that I’m going to be snowbound for several months?] but that won't work.  That hoor of a pharmacist will only dish out what's on a prescription, and I know damn well if I ask for extra [just to tide me over a bit] she'll tell me to fuck off and come back when my prescription says I'm due.

They provide lots of lovely [useless] links to websites but they seem to forget that the old Interweb might break down after a heavy snowfall? 

There is one link they provide that I would advise seriously not to visit though.

It's a video of our Glorious Leader being ever so patronising and showing how he can't even read a teleprompter.  I notice that the video is two years old and has gone viral with 66 views?  Shows how popular he is?  I suppose we must be grateful that he has condescended to appear in public?  Slimy little cunt. 

And what about the elderly who have no access to the Interweb?

Over the coming months we'll get to know who they are.

They'll be the ones out shoveling snow in their slippers.


I hate the word 'awesome'.

It is grossly overused [though thankfully that seems to be on the decline], and is generally used to describe the mundane and banal.  It is a word that is used without any consideration for its meaning – to inspire awe.

There are rare occasions though when the word is warranted, and yesterday saw such an occasion.

That mission to land a yoke on a comet was unbelievably spectacular.

Just think of the logistics.  They fired a rocket ten years ago.  They didn't fire it at the comet, they fired it at where they calculated the comet would be in ten years time.  That rocket had to travel four billion miles to end up beside a comet that is traveling at four thousand miles an hour.  One miniscule deviation would have seen the mission miss the comet by thousands of miles, yet they hit it bang on.

Not only that but they managed to drop a probe onto the comet's surface.  Just remember that no one has touched that probe for ten years.  Anything could have happened to it in that period but it worked.  Granted there are a couple of minor problems but compared to the overall mission I think those problems can be forgiven?

The sheer enormity of the figures involved must rank the Rosetta mission as one of space science's greatest achievements.  It is truly awesome.

The people who planned and executed the mission are true scientists.

Compared to them, those who purport to be scientists in the field of climate and health research are scum.  Can you imagine the outcome if the Rosetta Mission had relied on dodgy computer models, figures plucked out of their arses and distorted analysis of research?

While the Rosetta Mission is science at its best, those others who call themselves scientists aren't fit to even lick the boots of the Rosetta Team.


The erosion of democracy

I have said it before and I'll say it again – democracy is dead.

If ever there was a symbol for this demise, it's Irish Water.

The camps are now firmly established.  On one side are the people of Ireland and the elected local councils and on the other is the gubmint and the EU.

The people of Ireland have firmly stated that they do not want Irish Water or anything it stands for.  Over a hundred thousand took to the streets recently and the protests continue on an almost daily basis.  A million have failed to sign up for this extra tax, which out of a total of one and a half million is a considerable vote of rejection.

The Local Councils have also stated their opposition.  Many have lodged votes of no confidence in Irish Water and many have demanded its disbandment altogether.  While I don't have much confidence normally in our councils, I do concede that they are at least partially democratic, and are the nearest we have to democratic institutions.

On the other hand, the gubmint which is supposed to be democratic is sailing firmly against the storm of protests, and the will of the Irish People.  It is firmly ignoring the protests and is hell bent on pushing this extra taxation down the throats of the taxpayer, and indeed even the people who are exempt from tax.  "We are listening to the people" they cry and then produce proposals for lower rates of payment and some exemptions while steadfastly refusing to roll back the whole insidious scheme.  This deliberate misinterpretation of the people's anger is the perfect illustration of their total lack of accountability and arrogance towards the democratic process.

The real reason they refuse to step back is twofold.

The first is that this is an additional revenue stream.  We are already paying for our water trough taxation and VAT as per the Water Services Act 2007 which specifically lays aside funding from the public purse to pay for water services.  If, as they claim this is all just a transfer of service providers then I would ask why our taxation is not being reduced to compensate for the new Irish Water tax.  Instead, we are still being levied the same old taxes, VAT and duties but are being told to pay the new tax in addition.

The real reason for Irish Water though is a little more complicated.  Basically it is part of a massive book-keeping scam.  To put it in its simplest form, moving the liability for the provision of water services off the gubmint's books and into a private company makes Ireland appear to owe less than it actually does.  This is supposed to appease the financial markets who are presumably intelligent enough to see through the scam, but this is what the EU demands, so this is what the EU gets.

So on balance, who does the gubmint obey?  The Irish people who want the whole miserable [and extremely expensive] scam scrapped?  Or are they only obeying the dictats of the EU?

It's a three card trick, and the people lose every time.