Going but never forgotten

Over the past ten years I have followed a lot of “blogs”.

Some I have followed from the very start when I first dipped my toes in the waters, a lot have fallen by the wayside and are now neglected and overgrown with weeds and occasionally a new one pops up its head to add to my list.  

My list is wide ranging, from funny through newsy to the insightful ones that at the very least will raise an eyebrow but will occasionally spark off a rant of my own.  Some sites have a mixture of topics, not all of which will interest me and some demand to be read whatever the subject.

On the whole, the vast majority of sites out there are of no interest to me.  There seems to be a mania for the self-help, healthy lifestyle, fashion and foody sites which are like vast suburbs of monotony around the central core of sites that are worthy of their space.  I ignore all those as being of the Fluffy Pink variety and concentrate on those which have something a little more to offer, such as a bit of humour, a dollop of common sense or a bit of decent research.

Amongst the latter there are some sites that rise above the others and become legends in their own lifetime.  I won’t mention any names [no names – no pack drill] but they tower above the rest by sheer force of presence.  Captain Ranty was one who commanded respect and people still talk fondly of him and maintain bookmarks to his site as a sign of honour.

Another colossus is sadly about to bite the dust.

I read today that Anna Raccoon is finally bolting the doors of the Raccoon Arms for the last time.  She will be sorely missed.  Her health has been bad for a very long time and is finally [and properly] concentrating on herself.

I rarely commented on her site, probably because of a sense of intimidation.  My warped sense of humour might not have fitted in too well?  I always read her posts though.  I will miss them.

Take things easy, Anna.

May the Good Karma be with you.

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Going but never forgotten — 7 Comments

  1. Even though she was suffering from cancer herself she gave my son and I invaluable advice when he contracted thyroid cancer. Susanne became a firm friend, even if it was only by Email. 

  2. Thanks for bringing this to my attention, Grandad. I used to read Anna every day, but circumstances changed, and she dropped off my radar. Reading her last entry is really sad, as she refers to “having the blog hijacked by God, Beelzebub, Jesus, and the Archbishop” as a key driver to giving up.

    I have no idea what happened, and now every page of the site goes to a 404 page, despite her saying she would keep it available until the end of January next year.

    Now I’ve lost my chance to catch up. Bugger…

    • It was indeed a sad and very powerful post.

      She is aware of the problem with the site [and the 404 page] and it is being dealt with hopefully as I type.

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