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  1. You are “dead” right again Grandad. My two reasons for ignoring statistics are that, yes, they are piles of horseshit, and I was rubbish in Statistics at school. It just didn’t seem logical to me.

    • The only kind of statistic I trust is the likes of the number of visitors to this place.  Even then I know the figures are only approximately right but it’s nice to know whether readership is going up or down [usually the latter].  Of course there are statistics our gubmint doesn’t like such as the number of homeless here in Ireland. the waiting lists for hospital beds or the crime rate.  They apparently are “figures”, not “statistics”. 

  2. I did a degree course which included statistics. My understanding was: do not believe any conclusion from statistics as they can be used to “prove” any point of view.

    So sorry you are dead – keep up the blogs from wherever you are now.

    • Statistics combined with questionnaires – a deadly combination!

      I’m not quite sure where I am now that they have proved my demise.  It’s remarkably like home.  It would explain all those aches in the limbs though?

      • Ghost writing Grandad? 

        Drinking 10 litres of alcohol?… note to self “Up the booze intake, you’re way short”

        • That’s only a spoonful a day.  Hardly worth the effort.  Now if they had said 10 litres a week……

      • Yes, must be dead, too. So many aches and pains. But at least we can still read your outpourings, so there is clearly life after (statistical) death. Keep sending the messages from beyond the grave

    • Did you not see the little “like” button I stuck under the posts?  I put it there especially for you.  Mind you, I have nothing against comments but I like to make things easier for my favourite readers.

  3. One wonders where exactly do “they” get the data for their conclusions? It seems to me that unless they have an “observer” living in each and every single household in the EU, reporting observations daily, then their so called statistics are nothing but old cobwebs in a high wind (or toilet paper dissolving in the maelstrom of a toilet bowl?).

    So sorry you’ve been declared dead again. How many times is this  now?

    • Not bad at all.  In fact it’s remarkably like being alive.  Dunno why people are so scared of it.

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