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  1. Have I just imagined this?

    If the place you want to get to is only a mile away you’d have to be a sandwich short of a picnic to run 10 miles – you’d have to run a wasted 18 miles to get to where you want to be.  Is the next meeting on a full moon? 🙂

  2. Rather worryingly I posed the question ‘are we in fact the AI’ on a discussion forum recently! I had watched a documentary about a research centre in Scotland that transported a colony of ants, and were using their problem solving methods to improve logistics challenges in the human world. It was genuinely quite fascinating. The ants obviously weren’t aware they were part of an experiment. The thought then occurred to be that that maybe we… (well you can work the rest out from there!)

    Problem is, if we were to be just part of an experiment, and we suss it out, whoever is up there watching will just pull the plug and that’s it – lights out!

    Back to the real world now 🙂

    • An idea that was nicely explored in Arthur C Clarke’s story – The Sentinel [later made into “2001-A Space Odyssey”]  Aliens implant intelligence into apes and then sit back and watch us develop.  Sort of along the same theory of God?

      What happens when God’s experiment is over?

  3. The new, and very expensive, TV series Westworld starts slowly. But if you persevere and let the characters bed in it becomes quite interesting. Well worth some spare time, but beware of dodgy torrents laden with viruses.

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