Wanting to be offended

I see the Morally Offended and the Professionally Indignant are out in force in Ireland.

Katie Hopkins made an appearance on the Late Late Show.

I will declare my colours right from the outset – I neither watch the Late Late [haven’t in decades] nor can I stand Hopkins.  The chances of my seeing the interview were therefore zilch.  I did know in advance that she was to be on but it made no difference to my choice of programme – the programme is boring and she is a non-entity.

I have to confess though that I have a grudging admiration for Hopkins.  I cannot stand the woman, but she has obviously set out to become a “celebrity” and is doing so by being deliberately obnoxious and controversial.  Now it’s extremely difficult to be obnoxious all the time [God knows, I have tried] but she seems to have achieved that goal in her quest for fame and for that reason I have to admire her single mindedness.  Apart from that though I wouldn’t piss on her if she were on fire.

So RTE received over a thousand emails before her appearance?  That was quite some achievement though I am a little baffled as to the reason.  Were these people forced to watch the programme?  Did they deliberately watch something when they apparently knew in advance that they were about to be offended?  After all, there are hundreds of programmes more entertaining than the Late Late, considering that anything is more entertaining than the Late Late?  The only reason they keep the programme running about twenty years beyond its sell-by is that they want to hold onto the record of “The World’s Longest Running Chat Show”.

Of course this is a grist to the ill for Hopkins.  The most offensive thing [in her book] is to ignore her, and a barrage of complaints and threats is exactly what she craves as it all adds to her notoriety.  So all those who tweeted and emailed are playing right into her hands. 

Congratulations people.  You have given her exactly what she wanted.

By the way, have you ever heard of the off switch?


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Wanting to be offended — 8 Comments

    • First came to light in The Apprentice.  Then swallowed herself up in her own cesspool of mediocrity.  She is as significant to the human race as a fart in a gale.

      No concerns there.

  1. Just above a picture of dear katies predecessor nina myskow on this page


    is this brilliant assessment of what dear katie is

    And staying on the theme of the elite’s useful idiots, I see that the media created social critic, Kate Hopkins – today’s answer to Nasty Nina Myskow – has been manipulating public thinking once again.

  2. I don’t have an Off Switch because many years ago I donated my television set to charity and now I don’t have a tv to switch off. I’m a radio buff. I haven’t a clue who Kate Hopkins is. Does she believe in motherhood and apple pie? Can she change a light bulb? Can she explain the difference between Jean-Paul Sartre’s concept of alienation and Albert Camus’s concept of the Absurd? Answers on a postcard to the Joe Duffy show please.

    • A ery wise move.  One of the few programmes I do watch on television is The Apprentice [English version] and that’s where our loveable Katie first appeared.  Since then she has [I believe] been on television many times craving notoriety and cult status.  As wasters of Oxygen go, she’s near the top of the league so I have never watched her since The Apprentice.  I would prefer to listen to Joe Duffy and that’s really saying something.

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