Wanting to be offended — 8 Comments

    • First came to light in The Apprentice.  Then swallowed herself up in her own cesspool of mediocrity.  She is as significant to the human race as a fart in a gale.

      No concerns there.

      • That’s a relief, I thought for a moment she might be an independent member of the government. There are so many of them now that I can’t remember them all

  1. Just above a picture of dear katies predecessor nina myskow on this page

    is this brilliant assessment of what dear katie is

    And staying on the theme of the elite’s useful idiots, I see that the media created social critic, Kate Hopkins – today’s answer to Nasty Nina Myskow – has been manipulating public thinking once again.

  2. I don’t have an Off Switch because many years ago I donated my television set to charity and now I don’t have a tv to switch off. I’m a radio buff. I haven’t a clue who Kate Hopkins is. Does she believe in motherhood and apple pie? Can she change a light bulb? Can she explain the difference between Jean-Paul Sartre’s concept of alienation and Albert Camus’s concept of the Absurd? Answers on a postcard to the Joe Duffy show please.

    • A ery wise move.  One of the few programmes I do watch on television is The Apprentice [English version] and that’s where our loveable Katie first appeared.  Since then she has [I believe] been on television many times craving notoriety and cult status.  As wasters of Oxygen go, she’s near the top of the league so I have never watched her since The Apprentice.  I would prefer to listen to Joe Duffy and that’s really saying something.

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